9 Text Messages You Should NEVER Send To Your Ex

You can debate all you want about whether it would be a good idea to reach out to your ex or not. In some cases, it all works out for the better. And in some cases, it makes the situation worse. And in other cases, it doesn’t really have an effect at all on the broken nature of your relationship. So, it all really depends on who you are and what kind of breakup and relationship you had with your ex in the first place. However, if you really do choose to reach out, what really matters is the manner in which you’re going to contact your ex.

Breakups can really have a significant impact on a person’s emotional and mental well-being. Sometimes, a breakup can be so traumatic and significant that it ends up compromising a person’s better judgment. If your intention is to maintain healthy ties with your ex; or perhaps you want to rekindle that flame, you need to be very careful with how you approach things. You can’t let your feelings drive your decisions because you might end up regretting whatever moves you end up making.

If you’re planning on texting your ex, but you don’t really know how you’re going to approach it, then this article is going to be perfect for you. By the time you finish reading this article, you will grow to understand the many IMPROPER ways you can go about reaching out to your ex via text message. Remember that you always need to maintain a sense of self-respect after a breakup; and sometimes, being reckless with your texts can make you come off as weak, needy, or just plain sad.

Here are 9 text messages you should NEVER send to your ex:

1. How heartbroken you are about the breakup.

If you are going to tell your ex just how broken you are about the two of you breaking up, you are going to be asking for a world of hurt. First of all, you are giving up a position of power – and it’s likely they will capitalize on this. And you are essentially inviting them to just hurt you even further.

2. A loaded message that is made to look casual.

It’s really going to come off so desperate and obvious. You try to text your ex something casual like a random “hi” or “how are you?” but then what you’re really saying is that you can’t get them out of your head.

3. How much you miss your ex.

Again, you can’t be telling your ex just how much you miss them because you’re giving up your power by doing so. You’re making it seem like you’re not able to fully cope with life on your own; and it’s going to make you look really pathetic. You’re going to come off as clingy.

4. Jealousy over your ex’s new romantic interest.

You can NEVER let your ex know that you’re jealous of them getting into a new relationship. You have no say anymore. You are broken up. You don’t get to control whether they choose to date someone else or not any longer.

5. Unsolicited information about what you’re doing in life.

If your ex isn’t asking you about how your life is going, don’t feel the need to let them know about it. It just goes to show that their opinion of you still matters to you; and that you’re still seeking validation and admiration from them.

6. Double texts.

If he’s not replying to you just yet, then wait. Don’t make the mistake of sending the double text message. Be as patient as possible. Show him that your life isn’t hinging on whether he replies to your text or not. You need to let him know that you’re not that desperate to get him to notice you even though you really are.

7. Sadness over them not getting back to your messages right away.

Again, this is just as pathetic as the previous item on this list. You can’t let your ex know that you’re desperate to have them reply to your texts. Remember that you are no longer together, and you aren’t entitled to a prompt reply at all – especially if they are busy living their own lives.

8. Attempts to make them jealous of someone.

This is just another pathetic show – your ex is going to be able to read right through you. It’s going to be weird if you just text your ex just to mention that you happen to be getting romantically entangled with another person. It’s going to be really obvious what you’re trying to do.

9. Anything that might compromise your overall image.

Just in general, avoid anything that might compromise your overall integrity. You want to make sure that you still stay classy and poised. When in doubt, don’t send it out. It’s better to just keep things to yourself if you think that it’s going to somehow tarnish your image.

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