9 Things That Your Man Most Wants To Hear You Say To Him

7. I was wrong and I’m sorry.

A little humility can really go long way in bringing two people closer and closer together. If you know that you’ve screwed up, let him know that you love him enough to swallow your pride and tell him that you’re sorry.

8. What do you think I should do?

Ask for his advice. It’s going to make him feel really good to know that you trust him enough to defer to his opinion on things before taking action. He is going to love knowing that you value his perspective.

9. I am always going to be here for you.

Reassure him that you’re always going to be there for him. Let him know that you’re not just in it for the meantime. Let him know that you’re no fair-weather companion. Really prove to him that you’re there for him in both good times and bad. Give him that reassurance and security.

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