9 Annoying Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Ever get the feeling like you can’t catch a break? Dating and finding the right partner can be a difficult ordeal, albeit an important one. We should always keep our expectations and actions in check, it’s all part of the learning process of growing together with another individual.

Here is a simple list of 9 things girls do that guys hate.

1. When She Can’t Take A Joke

Okay, don’t get me wrong; intelligence is a big turn on for me, but not when it is the only thing that is there. Having a good sense of humor is integral for every relationship from both ends. If one side is funny and the other isn’t, both parties will suffer much, and a lot of different mood swings will occur. Ladies, if you’re the dangerous type, try to loosen up a bit for your man because he hates it when you can’t take a joke. Be funny, be lively, be spontaneous.

2. When She’s Too Much Of A Drama Queen

It is entirely reasonable for girls to feel sad randomly, but not all the time. If it is a habit of hers to find drama in everything and to cry every chance she gets, she needs to look into those matters and fix them because no guy will be that patient.

3. When She Always Takes Too Long

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