9 Annoying Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Nobody likes a gossip monger, period. If you have that habit of talking behind people’s back all the time, your boyfriend will start keeping a certain distance from you. It is a big turn off for guys if their girls are so involved in everyone else’s life that they forget their own.

7. When She Still Talks About Her Ex

There is a difference between thinking about how your past was and always thinking about your history. Guys don’t like it if their girls keep bringing up their ex in every conversation they have.

8. When She Complains Too Much

Your guy may not be perfect, but he may actively be trying to improve himself, there is no need to throw a tantrum every time you spot a mistake in him. Remember, when you fell in love with him, you fell in love with his imperfections, too.

9. When She Talks To Her Ex

This is the epitome of disliked things. If a girl is still in contact with her ex, it is not going to be taken lightly. Ladies, make sure you cut off all past relationships before committing to the next one.

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