9 Annoying Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

Ladies, we don’t love everything about you. We have a lot of turn offs along with our turn ons. Check out the ten things women do that guys hate.
things girls do that guys hate

4. When She’s Too Overly Attached

And we take the lovely “Overly Attached Girlfriend” meme into account here. Ladies, it’s charming and cute if you’re sensitive about your guy, and you care about how he’s doing and how his everyday routine is, but it is NOT cute if you ask him about every single second of every single day of his life with you. Don’t suffocate him, just like you; guys need their space, too. Let them be comfortable with their friends and family, and they will automatically be satisfied with you in return. And here is a picture of the lovely Laina Morris.

5. When She’s Too Jealous

This goes both ways, trust each other enough to make each other feel comfortable enough in your own lives, too.

6. When She Gossips Too Much

Nobody likes a gossip monger, period. If you have that habit of talking behind people’s back all the time, your boyfriend will start keeping a certain distance from you. It is a big turn off for guys if their girls are so involved in everyone else’s life that they forget their own.

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