Amber Heard Said Johnny Depp’s Star Status Swayed the Jury

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In her first post-trial interview, Amber Heard shared her feelings about the verdict.

The Aquaman actress told Savannah Guthrie that she doesn’t blame the jury for their decision. Still, she is disappointed with the unfair and biased social media representation she received throughout the trial and even before it commenced.

In her Dateline interview with NBC , when host Savannah Guthrie asked why the jury didn’t believe her,

“There is no polite way to say it; the jury looked at the evidence that she [your lawyer] presented, listened to your testimony, did not believe you, and thought you were lying.”

 Amber responded by saying,

“How could I put it this way? How could they make a judgment? How could they not come to that conclusion? They had sat in those seats and heard through over three weeks of relentless non-stop testimony from paid employees and towards the end of the trial, randos, as I say. “

She added, “I don’t blame the jury, I don’t blame them; I actually understand he is a beloved character, and people feel they know him; he’s a fantastic actor.”

Guthrie interrupted Heard and said that but it’s the jury’s job to not be dazzled by that, and the actress said,

“Again, how could they, after listening to three and a half weeks of testimony about how I was a nun credible person, not to believe a word that came out of my mouth… I’m a hysterical woman. I’m a crazy woman. I can’t be trusted over and over again.”

The host also said that when she asked Johnny’s lawyers their thoughts about Amber Heard and why they think she has lost the case, they replied that Amber never took responsibility for anything. She asked the 36-year-old actress if she felt she would have owned up to her bad behavior.

“I’m glad actually you asked me that,” she replied. Because you know there is an answer for these things you say I said this on the stand, you know you heard my voice on those audio tapes, it’s not the voice I of me now it’s not who I am now I did do and say horrible regrettable things throughout my relationship I behaved in horrible almost unrecognizable to myself ways there’s so much, I have so much regret.”

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The embattled Amber said she would stand by every word she said in court and never lied about her claims. She said the only purpose of sitting in this interview is to let people know that she is also human with ‘feelings and emotions.’

She also said that despite all the truth that she had spoken in the court, the jury didn’t believe her and believed her ex-husband Johnny instead because he is a bigger star, and his charm just swayed them.

Image Credit: NBC's Today Show

“What I learned in that trial is, it’s never going to be good enough. If you have proof, then it was a scheme — it was a hoax. If you don’t have proof, it didn’t happen. If you have a bruise, it’s fake. If you don’t have a bruise, then violence clearly didn’t hurt you. If you told people, then you’re hysterical. If you didn’t tell anyone, it didn’t happen.”

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Featured Image Credits: NBC’s Today Show

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