Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Kids with Maria Shriver ‘Don’t Love and Avoid’ His illegitimate Son

They don’t love their half-brother even though it’s not his fault.

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is a famous Austrian-American actor, film producer, business personality, former bodybuilder, and politician who also served as the 38th governor of California for seven years.

The Terminator star was married to a famous journalist and member of the Kennedy Family, Maria Shriver – their marriage lasted 35 years.

The former couple tied the knot in 1986 and shared four children: two daughters, Katherine and Christina, and two sons, Patrick and Christopher.

“Shriver and Schwarzenegger first met in August 1977 at the Robert F. Kennedy Tennis Tournament after being introduced by NBC’s Tom Brokaw. The two started dating shortly after,” per PEOPLE.

The Predator actor proposed to Shriver in August 1985, after seven years of dating, and she immediately said, ‘yes!’

After twenty-five of marriage, Maria filed for divorce in 2011. Reports claim that their split was because of the True Lies actor’s extramarital affair with the family’s longtime housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

Arnold shares one son with his mistress, Joseph Baena, who is also an actor, just like his father. Apart from acting, Joseph, 25, also works as a real estate agent and a fitness model.

Recently, the family attended the premiere of Schwarzenegger’s new action-comedy series FUBAR in Los Angeles, and media outlets couldn’t help noticing the awkwardness between Joseph Baena and Arnold’s four children with Maria Shriver.

According to Page Six, “While the superstar cuddled up to his daughters Christina, 31, and Katherine, 33 — along with the latter’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” star husband Chris Pratt — his lookalike lovechild, Joe Baena walked the red carpet alone.”

Although Arnold is super close to all his children, including Baena, who is very close to his heart, his children have nothing to do with their half-brother.

“To be honest, the other kids don’t love Joe. It’s a shame as he’s a really good kid, and Arnold has always treated him like all his other kids — very fairly,” a source told Page Six. “But for whatever reason, the other kids take [the affair] out on Joe.”

The red carpet tension didn’t go unnoticed by the fans of both Arnold and Joseph as when he shared a photo of himself on his Instagram account after the event, fans pointed out that his siblings weren’t kind enough to take a photo with Joseph.

“I give FUBAR a 2 thumbs up!!! Had an amazing time last night at the FUBAR premier!” Baena wrote.

“In my unbiased opinion, FUBAR is a hilarious, action packed show that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time! I absolutely loved watching the first episode last night and felt that the the show did an amazing job making it entertaining and fun for all viewers. The comedy, the action and even that drama were all strongly displayed in episode 1 and makes me extremely excited for FUBAR to be on @netflix on Thursday, May 25th!”

“Proud of everyone that was involved in the making of FUBAR, but especially proud to see @schwarzenegger and @iamgabrielluna bring this amazing show to life! Just remember… “Hero’s don’t retire. They reload.”

One fan commented, “It’s disgusting how you are treated man by your own blood. Completely ignored due to something out of your control. Is it racial hostility? Who knows. At the end of the day use this bullshit to fuel you.”

A second wrote, “I’ve followed your story since birth. I have watched a kind; hard-working boy grow into his father’s son. You should realize that you have made any person angry with Arnold’s( your dad’s) infidelity and built a great relationship with you a perfect outcome. You are a class act. Continue your path and work hard for your goals in life. Do you need any of the step-siblings? Not at all. Let it be. If life changes and you become friends with any of them – great, but you know many adults are proud of you. Remember that always.”

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