Boyfriend Asks Girlfriend to be Added to the Her House’s Deed, Get’s Rejected

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In today’s world, basic necessities are hard to obtain for most people – a lot of us try our best to provide for our families and take care of ourselves to the best of our abilities. And if we find a partner who supports us and understands our goals, life gets just a little bit easier. But, in general, life isn’t easy, and most people want what you have.

Today’s story is about a woman who got her own home by working hard. After moving in with her, her boyfriend asked her to put his name on the house’s deed because he’d be helping around with the house. Yep, he actually asked such an audacious question.

The Story

The queen of our story is Erika Strong Rodri; she works as a realtor and also shares her journey on TikTok. In one of her videos that received over 1.4 million views, she expressed how her boyfriend just moved in and wanted his name on the house’s deed because he’s going to be “paying” for stuff around the house.

Erika wrote in her video:

“My boyfriend just moved in with me, I bought this home a year ago by myself.”

“He wants me to add him to the title since he will be paying for stuff around the house.”

Erika wasn’t having any of it, the music in her video syncs with Erika saying “Yeah, f*** no.”

Her audience wasn’t having any of it, either. Here are some of the best comments from her video:

Paying for “stuff” around the house is not even remotely close to owning your own home; they’re worlds apart. A good man would appreciate you for you, not for what you own, and he’d definitely never ask for something so audacious.

Good on you, Erika, for standing your ground and not letting anyone tell you otherwise. Just like your audience, we have the same stance – you do you, queen!

You can follow Erika for some daily motivation on her TikTok here.

Share Your Thoughts

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Erika Strong Rodri on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via Erika Strong Rodri on TikTok

  1. In law anybody who lives with a partner for at least 18 months could be entitled to up to 40 % of partners estate if partner dies ?

    1. That’s not true. He didn’t put any money up for the house and they’re not in a common law marriage. Even then, it’s still her property only. He’s not entitled to anything.

  2. Erika Strong you stay strong girl and run that freeloading creep out of ” YOUR HOUSE ” asap he’s looking for a house of your sweat and my ex-wife tried to do that to me and as soon as I got my property in my name she was always making demands on me to put her name on the deed for my property and it’s very fortunate I didn’t because she went with a guy who fed her promises and lies

  3. I smell some bs coming… stand your ground and refuse. He can pay half RENT for living there and half the other shared bills…

  4. First, he’s a boyfriend, not a spouse. His demands are ridiculous to have his name put on a house he didnt even help pay for. After his initial demands, I would have put the brakes on hard and re-evaluate him moving in.

    Second, if she does let him move in, I would make sure any and all important paperwork is put somewhere secure.

    Third, she needs to get affairs in order just in the sad event something happens to her.

  5. 100% agree! I’m in the same situation, although I made it very clear from day 1 that the Deed would never change… I busted my ass to buy my own house & have all of the responsibility that goes with it. A boyfriend contributing to the bills does not entitle him to ownership!

  6. While I don’t think he is entitled to be put on the deed. I definitely would NEVER live in a house I didn’t have a legal hold on. I would rent my own home before I’d live in a partners owned home with no rights to the home.

  7. Have a will instilled to give him what he has invested as a payout but the true equity goes to your kids or family, Consult an attorney

  8. Get a Tennant and buy a new property with him 50 50… ;-)… I am sure the big boy would qualify for a bond. Oh and get a lawyer

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