Margot Robbie’s Lookalike Says People Often stop her to click Selfies and Sign Autographs

Recently a mom of two has revealed that whenever she goes outside, she is stopped by people and asked to take pictures and sign autographs because she has an insane resemblance with actress Margot Robbie.

Amanda Hall is a 39-years-old mother of two kids who’s a big fan of the actress said that whenever she steps out of her house to either do some chores or go shopping, people would stop her in the streets and public places by mistaking her for Margot Robbie.

LADbible reported that Hall, who belongs to Norwich, Norfolk, has also transformed her looks and started wearing blue contact lenses to make her resemblance more uncanny.

“I am an only child, so Barbie was like my best friend growing up. So now, I am super excited to be able to dress up as Barbie and Margot Robbie at the same time,” she said.

“I have been stopped more than usual in the supermarket and pub since the film has been announced, and I don’t mind that at all, in fact, I believe it is the biggest compliment I have ever received.” 

“I have always loved her so I’m super happy.” 

In fact, after being compared to her favorite movie star all the time, the 39 years old thought of cashing out her looks. So, she started working as a professional Margot Robbie Lookalike and now earns money from her photo shoots for private parties, several brands, and ad agencies.

According to the outlet, she has received more than fifty bookings in the last month to replicate Margot’s on-set photos.

With the actress’s Barbie movie all set to hit the theatres next year, Amanda decided to invest some money in new outfits and accessories so that she could replicate her Barbie looks in new photos.

The young mother spent £100 on a hot pink and blue outfit to look like the Australian actress in her upcoming shoots. 

“It has been a great month for me. I have had plenty of bookings which include personalized video messages for birthdays and appearances at parties.”

“I am very excited for the film to come out next year as I believe business will be booming.”

She further added,

“It was really fun putting the outfits together. I borrowed a bandana for my neck from a friend and purchased a cowgirl hat from Amazon.”

“I wore some pink trousers, a top, and a waistcoat with white boots that I already had. I’m into sustainable fashion so saved on costs when I can.”

“I also purchased a striped blue and white top with a polka dot headband to replicate the car images.” She continued. “Then I recreated a photo of Margot in a car and wearing blue.”

“A friend has a Morgan car so I just popped over to take some photos. I bet the neighbors were puzzled to see me dressed up as Barbie!” Hall concluded.

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Images & Featured Images via Amanda Hall on Instagram

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