Brave Woman Hunted down 10 Mexican Cartel Members who Killed her Daughter

A mother whose daughter was kidnapped and later killed by ten Mexican Cartel members hunted them down and brought them to justice.

This is the story of Miriam Rodriguez, who went to unbelievable lengths to seek justice for her daughter, Karen, 20, who notorious Mexican Cartel members abducted in 2014.

According to New York Times, armed men from the Zetas Drug Cartel abducted Karen from her pickup van.

“Her family followed the kidnappers’ demands and took out a loan to pay the ransom. Rodriguez even met with a cartel member who offered to help find Karen for $2,000,” per Insider.

“But the family was duped, and Karen’s remains were found at an abandoned ranch later that year.”

After Karen’s murder, Miriam became an activist and vigilante who dedicated her life to bringing justice to her daughter.

The grieving mother changed her appearance, disguised herself as a healthcare worker, used a fake id, and started tracking down the killers.

The brave woman captured one of the killers on the road while he was selling flowers. He tried to run away, but Rodriguez caught him, held a gun to his throat, and threatened to kill him if he moved.

The revenge-driven mom gathered information, collected addresses, and managed to find the other nine members of the gang, one by one.

“All of the details, no matter how small, were put into her black computer bag where she was building out clues to effectively track down the criminals one by one,” New York Times reported.

She investigated so thoroughly that after a few months, she even knew the killers’ childhood friends and hometowns.

Sadly, Miriam Rodriguez was murdered outside her home by a few shooters – the incident occurred after she got the final man arrested from the gang involved in her daughter’s murder.

“Rodríguez was shot 12 times on Wednesday, 10th May 2017 when gunmen burst into her home in the municipality of San Fernando in the hyperviolent state of Tamaulipas on the Texas border,” The Guardian reported.

It was also reported that while she was on her mission to hunt down the criminals, Miriam asked the government to provide her with security because she feared for her life.

According to New York Times, “Members of Zetas, formerly an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, have been engaged in a brutal war with their former bosses for years.”

“They frequently abduct innocent people for ransom or conscript them, and sometimes they “organized death matches between captives for sport.” Her community hailed the brave heart as a hero, and people put an honorary bronze plaque in the central

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