British Couple is the World’s First Family to Have Two Sets of Biracial Twins, Both One Black & One White

Images Credits: Louis Wood - The Sun

Our world is full of trials and tribulations, but it also balances those things with unbelievable miracles that give us hope and want us to work harder for a brighter future. Today’s story, reported by The Sun, is about a British couple who have been blessed with twins twice!

Beautiful Twins, Twice – A Very Lucky Family

Dean Durrant & Alison Spooner are the lucky British couple who welcomed their first set of twins baby girls back in 2001. They’re a biracial couple, so they naturally expected their twins to have a bit of both.

But, things turned out very differently for the couple. One of the twins, Lauren, was born white while the other, Hayleigh, was born black – the chances of that happening are 1 in 500,000.

In 2009, fate had another big surprise for the lovely couple. They were expecting twin baby girls again! And, just like last time, Baby Miya was born black while Baby Leah was born white – making them the first family in the world to have two sets of twins, both having their own color; simply beautiful!

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, 18-year-old Hayleigh talked about how people don’t believe it when they see them:

“Some people can be really rude. They’ll say, ‘You’re lying, you aren’t twins — prove it!’

“So we’ll reel off the same address or pull our passports out. It’s nice to see the shock on people’s faces. When we went to college it was difficult because there were lots of groups of Asian, white and black kids.”

“The black group were trying to integrate me and I was like, ‘This is my white twin sister.’”

“No one could believe it. People look at us like it’s some kind of miracle. I’m still amazed that we are twins.”

While Lauren also talked about how Hayleigh is her best friend:

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“People just assume we’re best friends rather than sisters, let alone twins.”

“I’m happy with that because she is my best friend. We are going to go out clubbing together. The bouncers are going to get a shock when they see we are related.”

Their mother, Alison, spoke about feeling incredibly happy and elated with her twins:

“I can’t believe my miracle babies are turning 18.”

“They are best friends and close in every way, apart from looking different. It took me some years to understand the science of how they could appear so different.”

“They’re now more of a phenomenon with their friends. Their school used to have a big picture of them in biology class. No one could understand or believe it.”

Leah, their younger sister, also talked about the immense love she has for her older sisters:

“Lauren and Hayleigh are my heroes.”

“I like my older sisters. We want to be like them when we get grown up but we don’t see them at the moment, they are always at college or work.”

This beautiful family needs to be celebrated and loved! They represent pure love without boundaries or preconceived notions – we love it.

You can read their full interview with The Sun here.

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The Sun

Images & Featured Images Credits: Louis Wood – The Sun

  1. So amazing and very nice to have an twice twins ever I’ll gladly if that’s happened to me so much blessed And their own best friend not only sister ❣️❣️❣️

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