Caelynn Miller-Keyes says She and Dean Unglert Might Elope – ‘We’re proposing to each other because partnerships are supposed to be equal’

Caelynn Marie Miller-Keyes is an American TV personality, model, and beauty pageant who received national recognition from the reality TV show, The Bachelor.

Dean Unglert, a contestant on the 13th season of The Bachelorette, appeared in Bachelor in Paradise seasons 4 and 6 for a brief amount of time.

Recently, Miller, 27, dropped a hint on her Instagram story and revealed to her followers that she bought a truck for Dean.

“A callback to a pact they previously made that he would get her an engagement ring after she bought him a truck.” Per PEOPLE.

The Bachelor alum spoke to the outlet and said that the duo has something big planned, and it’s coming soon. She also said that Unglert got her a ring, but there are not engaged yet.

“I haven’t seen it. I just know he has it. He’s very open.”

“I have his ring being made too as well.”

The couple first met in 2019 during the filming of season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise and got along well. However, Dean ended things with Miller after a few months of dating.

Later, he realized he really liked Miller and wanted to win her back. So, he made some serious efforts and patched things up with her.

“The pair left Paradise as a couple and have remained together ever since.”

“As fans of the duo know, Miller-Keyes and Unglert have an untraditional relationship but have reiterated they’re in it for the long haul. Their break from tradition is also not limited to their truck/ring pact, which the former pageant winner says was a ‘compromise’ between the two.” Wrote PEOPLE.

Miller said to the outlet,“I don’t like the idea of people getting me things, and I didn’t want him to buy me something that is just going to be worn on my finger. So I was like, ‘I want to pay for my ring.’ He didn’t like that, so we came to a compromise: I bought him a truck.”

“We’re also both proposing to each other because partnerships are supposed to be equal. I’m proposing to him, having the day all about him, and he’s proposing to me. We’re very non-traditional. It’s all about equality in our relationship.”

When asked if she knows when Unglert will officially pop the question, she replied, “I have no clue. I think he’ll keep me on my toes until I know.”

“I think we just want to elope,” she revealed. “We recently went to his brother’s wedding where they engaged and then married the next day. It was solely about their love, so we just want to focus on our love, and it just be about that and nothing like … extraordinary.”

She further said that she hasn’t started preparing for the wedding yet but will soon start getting things done once she is sure of the exact date.

“I want to [begin planning] so badly, but I keep hearing from my friends who are married, they’re like, ‘Just take every moment as it comes. Don’t rush anything. Enjoy where you’re at,’ so I’m like, ‘Just hold your horses. You’re not even engaged yet.'”

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Source: PEOPLE

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