Cristiano Ronaldo Breaks His Silence on Claims He had Sex with Married Influencer

The footballer has furiously denied the rumors about him after a Venezuelan blogger, Georgilaya, alleged he had sex with her.

Last year, the influencer uploaded selfies with Ronaldo on her Instagram and claimed he cheated on his longtime girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, by having a one-night-stand with her.

“When I read the message, I thought that if I went there, we would just talk, get to know each other better, maybe I could get some more photos,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I didn’t think that, in that situation, there would be sex. The fact is, it happened. It was consented on my part, but despite that I felt manipulated, by the fame and power of Cristiano Ronaldo.”

However, the claims have been denied outright by one of Ronaldo’s spokespersons.

“This is completely false and defamatory,” he told a Portuguese Newspaper, as reported by The Sun.

“Georgilaya claims the liaison took place on March 25 last year as the Portugal captain Ronaldo and his team prepared for the Qatar World Cup,” the outlet reported.

“She has also told how she was “tormented” to the brink of divorce by guilt as she cheated on her husband with Ronaldo.”

“The former Real Madrid ace is alleged to have bedded the beauty at the swish Solverde hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia, northern Portugal.”

The model claimed that Ronaldo called her to his hotel room, 312, and wanted to have sex with her which she consented. However, she felt “used” later.

According to The Sun, “Georgilaya – who claims not to want “fame or money” – also exposed text messages allegedly from Ronaldo and his friends, including former Prem star José Semedo.”

Georgilaya, who posts raunchy photos of herself on her social media, has also made a customized folder on her Instagram with the title “Cristiano Ronaldo” and highlighted her photos with him.

“I have made it clear, I’m not crazy, nor hungry [for fame]. I already had followers. Be careful with that. I already had followers,” she said on her Instagram stories.

“And not any less important, I am not less of a woman than anybody for appearing with few clothes in the photo, to start,” she added. “Many… have offended me and written horrible comments on my photos.”

The GOAT player has been in a serious relationship with his Spanish girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, since 2016 and has two children with her.

He is also a dad to three other children with different women.

“Ronaldo has five children – his eldest being Cristiano Jr., who was born in the US in 2010 but immediately taken back to Madrid to be raised in Spain. The identity of his mother is unknown,” per Daily Mail.

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Source: The Sun

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