9 Real Differences Between A For Now’ And A Forever’ Kind Of Guy

The first movie that made me feel all the feels was The Vow’, I always wanted my love life to be like that. I wanted to love hard like they do in those fairy tales. I was willing to make all those sacrifices for the one I loved and was ready to take that leap of faith. Being rich never mattered to me, I wanted life to be simple and the fairy tales to become real. I knew that the love of my life would be no knight in shining armor; I am talking about the spirit of love that we see in those fairy tales. I always saw a piece of myself in Paige and her wedding vows were an exact reflection of my emotions about what love should be like.

Every girl dreams of a guy who can make her feel like she’s in a fairy tale. But, it’s the truth that the reality is quite contrary to that. In most cases, you have to face a lot of guys who are not right for you and suffer a lot of heartaches to find the one who will make an actual difference in your life. Once you find your soul mate, he will be totally worth it and he will be so much different than all of the relationships you’ve ever been in.


I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.

The only problem was who would the ˜forever after’ kind of guy would be? Would he be someone like, McDreamy’ from ˜Grey’s Anatomy’ or would be one of those teen wolfs or vampire crap? These boys were giving me a hard time but when the right one came along, everything just seemed to click. We fit like pieces of Legos into each other’s lives. He is away on a business meeting and missing him made me appreciate everything about him. Just yesterday I sat down for you guys and made a list of things that make him my forever after’.

1. The forever ‘ kind of guy loves like there is no tomorrow

The for now’ kind of guy would check in on you every once in a while, the forever’ kind of guy will make sure that you are okay. He will make sure that life is treating you well. He will go out of his way to see you every other day if not he will check in on you regularly. 

To him, you will be something, he cannot live without. He will go out of his way to make your life special. Sure, he will have times when he can’t treat you with the same intensity of love but he will compensate for it on special occasions. In all honesty, he wouldn’t even need a special occasion to showcase his love for you; he will convert ordinary days into unforgettable moments.

2. The forever kind of a guy will grow with you

The for now kind of a guy might talk about differences but the forever’ kind of a guy would learn to accept who you are with your differences. Instead of talking things out, he would want to practically make things work out between you two.

Conflicts are part of a relationship and we all know that they are unavoidable. Every couple has gone through a phase in their relationship where they have been cornered into a proclivity. The forever kind of guy knows that whatever the circumstances are, the bonds you both share is not greater than any disagreement. He will find ways to find a solution instead of running for the door. He will work through the difficulties in a relationship with you and he will pull the relationship out of a slump and he will do all that is necessary to achieve this feat.

3. The forever’ kind of a guy would not be ashamed

The for now’ kind of guy would want you to get dressed when you both went out. The forever’ kind of guy will not be ashamed for who you are, he would be proud to take you around no matter how you looked.

He will portray public displays of affection and he will scream out to the world that you are in fact his girl and he is head over heels in love with you. He will not be scared to kiss you in front of his parents or close friends. In fact, he will feel great pleasure in doing these subtle things which will lighten your day up. His company will be priceless and the time you spend with him would be the best time of your life. 

4. The forever’ kind of guy will bring out the best in you

The ˜for now’ kind of guy wouldn’t care about what you did with your life but the forever’ kind of guy would be concerned with what you did with your life. He would guide you with the best of his abilities, he wants you to become the person you want to be and will help you along the way.

If you have a career choice to make, then he will be concerned about it too because your future is associated with him. He will not coerce you to make choices which will make you unhappy in the long run because he wants to run the marathon of his life with a partner who is content with the decisions she has made. He doesn’t want you to have regrets about your life and he encourages you with his words when you feel like you’ve made a wrong turn.

5. The forever’ kind of guy will not be intimidated

The for now’ kind of guy might get intimidated with your success but the ˜forever’ kind of guy would be proud of whatever you do and support you with whatever makes you strong and independent. He will see your success as an achievement and would be happier than you are.

In this present day and age, women have sought out their independence from the clutches of society and they are the ones who are earning more than their counterparts. The forever kind of guy will not be envious of your achievements, rather, he will be quite happy for you and he will try to contribute as much as he can to make your life easier. 

6. The forever’ kind of a guy would make you feel beautiful

I had a million complexes, many people told me that I looked good but I couldn’t believe any of them. My partner loved me in such a way that I didn’t need to be told that I was beautiful anymore. I felt like a diva every time I was with him. I don’t know what he did and how he does it but I felt the best of myself when I was with him, I still do!

All of these fears and inferiority complexes will become non- existent in his presence. He will make you feel like no matter what your physical appearance is, he accepts you with all his heart. He will not be critical of the small things which will turn your mood off. He is aware of the thin line between honesty and derogatory remarks and he will try his best to not cross it. Even if he does, he will make all the efforts to make things the way they were. After all, we are all just human, sometimes, words just come out. Making amends is what’s important.

7. The forever’ kind of guy would make you feel secure

The for now’ kind of guy will say goodbye and take off after a hang out but the ˜forever’ kind of guy will drop you home. He will be your personal bodyguard in a crowd of people and when you are with him, you know that no harm could ever come to you!

8. The forever’ kind of guy makes you feel good and at home

You will feel good when you hang out with the ˜for now’ kind of a guy but you will feel great at home with the ˜forever’ kind of guy. His presence will make you feel complete, every moment you spend with him will become a memory that you will cherish for life.

9. The ˜forever’ kind of guy will become family

The for now’ kind of a guy will treat your family good but the forever’ kind of guy will treat your family like his family. The thought of making you his baby mama would make him love you even more. You will be a part of his family and he will look forward to share the rest of his life with you.

He will try his best to connect with your family. He will go along with you on family meetings.

You will be thankful that you have someone like him in your life. Moreover, your heart will know deep inside, that he is the right choice for you and he is the one you were waiting for all your life. He is In fact your Prince charming.

My partner gave me exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be more thankful!


I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.

Ladies, talk to me

Have you found your forever? What was it that made it clear in your head that he is the one? Let me know in the comments below. Stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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