Divorced Man Died while Trying to Escape his Lover’s Husband in Jasin, Malaysia

Very sad news indeed.

This is the story of a divorced man who went to meet his lover at her flat and, after spending some time with her, tried to run away when her husband returned without any message. While the man tried to escape, unfortunately, he fell down and lost his life.

The 46-year-old divorced man died by falling from the fourth floor of a building in Bemban, Jasin, Malaysia, while he tried to escape his lover’s husband.

The tragic incident occurred on June 26, 2022, when the lover’s husband suddenly returned home and realized the presence of a man.

According to News Straits Times, “The husband immediately locked the front door grille of the home, causing the lovers to be trapped, and called the police.”

“Although the woman asked her lover to sort it out with her husband, the man, who is a trader, sought to escape by tying a clothesline to an iron pole in the corridor to climb down.”

The 37-year-old woman then heard a band outside the corridor and found him lying motionless on the ground.

“Jasin district police chief Deputy Superintendent Mispani Hamdan said the deceased’s 37-year-old lover, who lived with three children, claimed he came to her home on Saturday at midnight after her husband had gone out. The man spent the night at the woman’s home.”

“A physical examination of the deceased, who was fully dressed, found traces of soil and blood on his swollen face. His left arm was broken, too,” revealed the chief deputy.

Although the names were not revealed, it was reported that the lovers first met in 2005, and since then, they have known each other.

After a few years, the couple parted ways for some reason and moved on with new partners.

“In 2017, the deceased divorced his wife before rekindling his relationship with the woman despite knowing she was married,” said DSP Mispani. “They were having an affair without the husband’s knowledge.”

The police officer further said that the woman asked the deceased to confront her husband and sort it out once and for all, but he was reluctant. So, he tried to run away, avoiding confrontation, and in an attempt to do so, lost his life.

The deceased’s body was taken to the Jasin Forensic Unit for post-mortem.

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Source: News Straits Times

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