Do This One Simple Trick To Instantly Strengthen Your Marriage

Instant happiness? ????

With the way that they play it out in the movies and the story books, they make it seem like the fairytale kind of love just naturally occurs. They make it seem like the perfect love is just bound to happen for all couples. However, reality is very much different from fantasy. In reality, real love doesn’t just happen. It’s something that is constantly worked on and built upon. True love is a continuous process and it never ends.

True love doesn’t come so easily – and that’s part of what makes it so beautiful as well; because the truth is that the most beautiful things in this world never come easily. And that’s why the couples who know how to capitalize on their individual strengths to build the relationship are always the ones who end up lasting.

When the relationship is first starting out, couples typically think that the whole love thing isn’t going to be all too difficult. When you’re just starting to get to know each other, there is no dead air in your conversations. There is no lag time within your discussions.

You can talk and talk for hours without skipping a beat. You will want to know as much as possible about your partner and so there will seemingly be no shortage of questions in your efforts to unmask one another. You try to break down each other’s walls so that you can get deeper and deeper into each other’s core. You uncover layer after layer in your never-ending quest to get to the center of each other’s personality.

And that’s great. And you should try your best to make that phase of your relationship last for as long as possible. But you also have to know that it’s impossible for you to make it last forever. The honeymoon phase, as they so popularly call it, is eventually going to fizzle out and the passion in your relationship is going to take something of a drop. You aren’t going to feel so invested into getting to know your partner anymore because you are going to have most of the essentials covered already.

However, that’s where you make your first mistake. You should never lose your enthusiasm for getting to know your partner. You should never allow yourself to develop a disinterest in your partner and your relationship. Remember that you are both people and you are constantly changing and evolving; and with that, your relationship should always be evolving as well. When you become complacent, you risk getting left behind and your relationship will be unable to keep up.

So that’s why it’s important for the both of you to always make a conscious effort to capitalize on your individual strengths to further strengthen your relationship. Remember that the overall character and personality of your relationship takes after your own individual personalities. And if you continue to focus on your strengths, and you allow your strengths to shine, then you allow the strengths of your relationship to shine as well.

But as has previously been mentioned, strengths can change because people can change. We are all constantly growing and changing as we make our way through this world. So that’s why you constantly need to remind yourselves of who you are and what kind of people you are becoming.

And that’s where the secret lies. If you do this one simple trick with your partner on a consistent basis, then you are going to be consistently bringing each other closer to one another. You are going to make a habit of continually building on the love and attraction that has been there since the start of your relationship. You are going to further strengthen the bond that you have with each other by always reminding one another why you both fell in love in the first place. All you really have to do is have regular strength-discussion and engagement activities.

So what does that mean exactly?

You should both make it a point to take long hard looks at your individual selves. Have deep reflections about who you are as individuals. Really take the time and effort to look deep into your souls and figure out what your strengths are as individuals – and bring these strengths out into the open.

And when you discuss your strengths with one another, you can engage in some activities that will really highlight these strengths. And by doing so, you will show just how significant an impact your shared strengths can have on your overall relationship. For example, if your biggest strength is your creativity and your partner’s greatest strength is intelligence, you can engage in an activity that highlights both strengths. Perhaps you can go see a play or visit a nearby art museum.

Regardless of what your strengths are, if you can find a way to connect your positive attributes together, then you will always find a reason to stay in a relationship.

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