How to Make your Relationship Last Forever

Forever is a long time but spending it with the person you love doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Relationships need to be worked on and nourished by a number of things to make them last long. It is not one way road and both parties need to pay an equal amount of attention if they want things to work out. It is never difficult to workout things with the person you love, so trust me when I tell you nothing will ever be too hard, if you make an effort.

Here is a list of essentials for any relationship to last a long time.

1. Learn to Appreciate

Before someone’s tomorrow has been taken away, cherish those you love, appreciate them today

Michelle C. Ustaszeski.

Appreciation on its own is powerful enough to make your enemies come to their knees and lack of it will alienate the people closest to you, either way appreciation is something not to be taken lightly. Feeling genuinely appreciated lifts people up.

Appreciate the smallest of gestures your spouse does for you, even if they are as small as fetching you a glass of water or holding a door open for you. No it’s not just you who should feel special; they deserve it as much as you do. Saying a few words of love, and every time they do something for you will develop a sense of acknowledgement in them and they will feel more confident. The key is to show gratitude, when ever you can.

If your spouse cooks dinner or keeps the house clean, make sure you appreciate their efforts. The problem is that we take things for granted; we assume that if a wife cooks or cleans the house that’s a part of her job, nothing to show appreciation for. Men and women each have their individual roles and the society wouldn’t be functional without them, the key to make their efforts worth their while.

2. Show Respect

You can’t build a healthy relationship without mutual respect. This is pretty basic. You have to sometimes compromise and honor your partner feelings in order to earn respect. Despite having differences, never disrespect or humiliate a human being. The more respect you give to a person, higher is the chance that your relationship will flourish. Don’t just say you respect a person; show it through your gestures and words. *Continue reading on next page*

3. Be More Physical

Touch your spouse a lot. A hug them in the morning, kiss them goodbye every time you both part, holding hands makes the person feel happy, secure and cared for. Statistics show people how are hugged often are confident and live longer lives.

These gestures show your spouse that you genuinely care for them. Physical acts of love, nurture the soul; a well fed soul is bound to create a healthy family. The happier and contented your spouse feels the happier and secure your children will feel. This ensures that you will enjoy a long and healthy family life.

4. Make your Spouse feel Special

Do something nice for your spouse every day to show them that they mean the world to you. It could be something like bringing them flowers, leaving a card or a note saying I love you’, or a box of chocolate. It could be something smaller like a text message or helping them out with chores. Try to spice things up a bit, so that your married life doesn’t turn out to be monotonous and boring.

5. Be more Empathetic

Have more empathy for your spouse. Try to understand when your spouse is feeling stressed out, help them overcome it, by offering support, a shoulder to cry on, ask them what could you do to make them feel better.

In short just be there for them. When you show your spouse that you genuinely care for them, share their happiness along with their sorrow, they feel touched and cared for. They know you are not someone who is going to stick around only during the good times, but also when you are going through a bad phase in life.

6. Forgive Quickly

Learn to forgive your spouse even when they have really messed it up. Don’t hold grudges against your partner and taunt them, time and again time for things they did in the past that only weaken your relationship. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. When you forgive your spouse, they will respect and love you even more.В *Continue reading on next page*

7. Give Each Other Space

Even in the most loving relationships, a person at times needs space. Space gives you time to reflect upon what ever is happening in your life, to ponder, hang out with friends and just be you.

What couples need to understand is that, they are two individuals, and to grow as a couple, they should also be allowed to grow as individuals. We all know being overly attached is an enemy to long-lasting relationships, but its fine to be clingy every once in a while because you love them so much and they are so cute!

Constantly clinging on to your spouse, depriving the them of their space and always demanding things ˜Only you want’ can easily destroy a relationship. So if you want to keep the spark to live in your relationship, give your spouse space and freedom to grow and have an identity of their own.

8. Learn to Compromise

In any strong relationship, happiness should be your priority, winning a conversation shouldn’t. If you really want to make a relationship work, then you would have to learn to compromise. A spouse must understand that circumstantial influences are unavoidable. For instance, if one of you goes through a stressful period, say a period of professional failure, ill health or financial crises, the other partner should be more compromising. You should be around to help them and take their hurt away.

You need to understand that it’s okay for a person to react in a certain way when life gives them a though time. This behavior is not a part of their personality, it’s just a temporary phase your partner will grow out off eventually and come back even stronger.

9. Spend Some Quality Time Together

Make special arrangements to spend some quality time together. Arrange a date night that you and your spouse enjoy at least once a week don’t go to an expensive restaurant every time; spend quality time with each other, that’s the whole point of date night.

Go to the movies together, have a candle light dinner, and most importantly get to talk to each other, somewhere in the late hours of the night, without kids, phone calls and social media just to enjoy each other’s company.

If you value your partners’ feelings, date them all the time, take away their insecurities, value them for who they are, love them better every day and keep trying I assure you, that you are looking forward to a very long-lived relationship!

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