Emily Ratajkowski Asks Comedian to Stop Mimicking Her Photos

Emily Ratajkowski has addressed the drama with Australian influencer Celeste Barber and said she blocked her on Instagram as she did not consent to being part of her jokes.

The Australian comic rose to fame after she started posting savage re-enactments of over-the-top celebrities’ Instagram photos.

In November 2020, Celeste,40, copied a saucy pose of Emrata posing in a skimpy bikini while leaning against a wall and wrote,

“We are sick of objectifying our bodies! Also, here’s my ass.”

This was not the first time, Barber mocked Emily for her posting her racy photos on Instagram – she has mimicked her in some other posts and took a swipe at the supermodel.

While some followers enjoyed her parody posts of the model, others criticized her for being a misogynist in her comments.

“I don’t think Emily is a fan,” Celeste told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa in November. “That’s OK, she’s allowed to not love it. But she blocked me.”

Meanwhile, while addressing the issue during her High Low Podcast, Ratajkowski said she did not consent to become a part of her jokes on social media.

“This whole drama with Celeste has been blown out of proportion,” said Emily. “In general, I find her to be really funny. But, [the] message I was trying to send to her was, “I just don’t want you to do this to me anymore.’”

“I was like, I’m not giving her my consent for this joke anymore. It just landed at a specific time for me,” she added.

The 31-year-old model and actress said she has no ill will with Barber. However, she thinks making fun of women who do not fear putting their bodies on display in ‘inherently misogynistic.’

“We really love to pick on female influencers, like they are considered the trash, lamest, most cringe, most embarrassing people on the planet,” she said.

“I fundamentally find that to be sexist. Yeah, no s**t women want to be influencers – it’s one of the ways that women have learned to be successful and make money. They’re hustling.”

Earlier this year, Celeste spoke to Marie Claire in an interview and said the comedian has no regrets despite receiving heavy criticism for her takes at Emily.

“I like running my mouth off. I do it a lot. I’m quick-witted – it’s one of my favourite things about me,” she said. “I don’t like that I feel I can’t do that as much, and yeah I do feel like I censor myself sometimes. But then other times I don’t give a f**k and I operate from a place of already being cancelled.”

“I mean good luck to them. You can’t win. They hate what you do one day, then you’re the greatest thing in the world the next day.”

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