Even After 47 years, Ron Howard’s Marriage Is Still Strong Despite His Disbelief

In part, because they met while they were young, according to film director Ron Howard, their four decades of marriage to wife Cheryl Howard has beyond his expectations. Ron Howard, an actor, stopped by the HuffPost Live studio in October 2013 to discuss one of his projects.

Josh Zepps, the host, enquired about his union with Cheryl Howard. Ron said that despite the strong possibility that their relationship would fail, it had flourished fruitfully. He talked about how fortunate he is to have met the future actress.

The screenwriter said they were high school sweethearts, adding that because they were married young, he was surprised by how far they had come.

“When we met, I felt fortunate. It’s absurd. Since we were adolescents, it shouldn’t have worked. We were both too young to be married, but it has worked well,” he said.

He and she first connected as a junior at Burbank, California’s John Burroughs High School. The Academy Award-winning filmmaker remarked that they clicked immediately after catching one other’s gaze.

Ron spoke of his wife in a People interview from June 2019: “I met her, and there was never anybody else.” He claimed the key to their long-lasting marriage is communication as they celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary that month. 

He clarified, “People ask me how I do it; there is no method. There is just one technique, and that is to communicate. You must develop the skills to communicate and handle challenging talks effectively.”

The father of four continued by saying that it was merely luck since, in his opinion, no one can compel people to develop together; either they do or do not. Ron said that he considered himself fortunate to have Cheryl as his rock throughout his life.

He spoke of the author’s dedicated support, particularly during his career. He continued by saying that their compatibility had seen many highs and lows throughout their remarkable life together.

“She has always been so supportive. Our compatibility has held up through various situations,” the producer stated.

Ron is noteworthy because, at the early age of five, he portrayed Opie on “The Andy Griffin Show,” which aired from 1960 to 1968. From 1974 until 1980, he appeared on “Happy Days” as Richie Cunningham. Later, Howard developed a new love for becoming a camera operator.

The star of “The Da Vinci Code” admitted that he was an actor who aspired to become a filmmaker. His most recent documentary, “Pavarotti,” chronicles the life of the renowned opera singer. 

Ron and Cheryl married for 47 years after getting hitched in June 1975. When they celebrated their anniversary in June 2021, the “Willow” actor demonstrated that they were still going strong. He posted on social media to thank his girlfriend for the special times they had together.

Ron wrote his picture, which included a selfie of the couple, 

“Our 46th wedding anniversary. On my day off from directing, we celebrated in Australia quietly but exquisitely. I’m a fortunate man.

In the adorable shot with rose-colored tinfoil balloons in the shapes of a 4 and 6, he and Cheryl were beaming and wearing glasses. Ron and Cheryl, both 67 years old, like sharing milestone celebrations, as seen by his social media posts. Ron commemorated the couple’s 50th first date anniversary in 2020. He wrote on Instagram that they saw a movie that was being rereleased and went out for pizza at a bygone restaurant while he reminisced about the good old days.

On November 1st, 1970, Cheryl and I went on our first date, he wrote. We visited the now-defunct Barnone’s in Toluca Lake after seeing Stanley Kramer’s “It’s a Mad World” in rerelease.”

A photo of his socks, which were imprinted with Cheryl’s face, was posted along with the article. Ron said they were heading to their neighborhood pizza business and celebrating their big day with the socks they ordered.

He continued by saying they would go in the identical vehicle they did fifty years ago. The 1970 VW Bug is the one the Oklahoma native drove to pick up his future bride, and he said of it: “It works fine. We agree.

The couple remains happily married, and we couldn’t be happier for them! 

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