Drake loses $1 million After Placing Bet on Argentina’s Win Against France in World Cup Final

He put his money on the right team, but the odds were not in his favor.

Aubrey Drake Graham, popular as Drake, placed $1 million on Argentina’s victory against France in the final match of FIFA World Cup 2022.

The Canadian rapper bet that the South Americans would win the match in normal time but it didn’t happen, and the match was moved to penalties.

In a now-deleted Instagram video, the rapper was wearing a jacket from soccer team Napoli from the series A in Italy.

“I’ll take Argentina, he’ll take France. That will be a vibe,” he said in the footage that showed Drake and his friend sitting in a studio.

He failed to win the bet as Argentina didn’t score more goals within the normal time – 90 minutes.

“The rapper posted the bet on Instagram. The wager would have given him returns of $2.75 million had Argentina triumphed within 90 minutes at the Lusail Stadium,”Daily Mail.

At the end of 90 minutes, both France and Argentina stood tight against each other with two goals each. After 30 minutes of extra time, both teams scored one goal each and tied the match 3-3.

Finally, the French missed twice in the shootout, making Argentina the winner. Messi scored the winning goal, and France lost to Argentina by two goals.

The whole game was such a nerve-wracking delight, and football fans won’t forget it for years to come.

While many got what they wished for, including Lionel Messi, who played over 1000 games in his career and lifted 38 trophies except the World Cup trophy (Now ‘Done and dusted’ with that as well), the One Dance singer didn’t get to celebrate the win.

While talking about bets, it seems like the 36-year-old rapper and singer is not good at winning any of them.

According to Daily Mail, “The Canadian has placed a series of mammoth bets on sporting events in recent months.”

“He lost over $2 million betting on former UFC champion Israel Adesanya to defend his title against Alex Pereira last month.”

The outlet reported, “A previous football bet saw Drake place $649,000 on an accumulator featuring Barcelona to win El Clasico against Real Madrid and Arsenal to beat Leeds.”

After the singer posted his new bet video on his Instagram, Messi fans took to social media and manifested his victory by asking Drake to end the bet, as he’s known to jinx the game for the team he sides with.

“Drake curse activated?” someone wrote on Twitter, mentioning the famous Drake curse that says they end up losing whenever he puts his money on a player or a team.

“its over messination, the drake curse is here,” a second Tweet read.

“I need the Drake curse to work more than ever tomorrow,” one French supporter Tweeted a day prior to the match.

But the Drake Curse didn’t work after all, and Argentina and Messi managed to break it, too, other than winning the World Cup.

“Messi beat the Drake curse he really is the greatest of all time,” one wrote after Argentina’s victory.


“Messi should be hailed as the undisputed GOAT just for defeating the Drake curse, IMO. Doing things no man has ever done!” another commented.

“Messi is so good that he can even beat the Drake curse,” another tweet read.

“The Drake curse is finally defeated,” penned another Twitter user.

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