Experts Reveal The 9 Signs That Your Relationship Is Built To Last

1. You have a profound sense of trust for one another.

You are always going to need to establish a sense of trust in your relationship. You always need to be with someone who you can trust and who trusts you in return. Your relationship is NEVER going o be able to survive if you are both constantly staying suspicious of one another. Your relationship is never going to last if you just don’t know how to trust each other. You always need to be able to believe and rely on one another

2. You share similar goals and values in life.

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The less friction that you have in your relationship, the more likely it is that you’re actually going to be able to make your romance last. And what causes friction in a relationship? A lot of the time it’s when two people have fundamental differences in terms of values and goals in life. But if the two of you have more or less similar views of the world, then it’s likely that you aren’t going to disagree much on a number of important things

3. You both make an effort to strengthen your physical intimacy.

Physical intimacy is an often overlooked and underrated aspect of any relationship. People are typically afraid to be seen as shallow and carnal when they prioritize the physical intimacy in a relationship. But that’s the wrong way to look at things. It’s always important for couples to stay physically intimate with one another if they want things to last. Physical intimacy is essentially what separates friends from lovers

4. You both have a strong communication game going on.

Communication is always going to be the bedrock of any kind of relationship. And if you and your partner have a strong communication game going on, then that’s always a good thing. You want to make sure that the two of you always feel safe in how you express yourselves. And it’s always a plus if the both of you are open-minded enough to hear each other out. Remember that communication isn’t just about talking; it’s also about being able to listen to one another

5. You are both able to admit when you are wrong.

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You need to be humble enough to admit whenever you’re wrong. You can’t be so naïve so as to think that you’re always going to be perfect in your relationship. You aren’t always going to be doing the right thing. And you need to acknowledge that you are only human; you need to own up to your faults and shortcomings in the relationship. Humility is essential for growth and development. You are never going to become the person you need to be for your partner if you don’t know how to admit your faults

6. You feel like you can just be your true selves when you’re around one another.

Authenticity and sincerity are always going to be essential in a relationship. If you feel like you have to put on a mask or an act to attract others, then you are already dooming yourself to a life of torment and suffering. A relationship isn’t sustainable when two people aren’t made to feel comfortable with just being their true and genuine selves.

7. You support one another even when it’s difficult or inconvenient.

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You are always so supportive of one another and that’s a reason why you’re probably going to last in your relationship. You don’t hold each other back from your goals and dreams. You always push and inspire each other to be more than who you already are. You are both always so motivated to pursue your dreams because you know you have your partner in your corner. You are both secure in the fact that your partner is always going to have your back whenever you stumble

8. You share a great sense of humor.

Having a shared sense of humor is always a good thing because you can never have a shortage of laughter in your relationship. You are going to be stressed out a lot throughout the course of your lives together; but if you are both able to make each other laugh seemingly at will, then you are always able to bring joy and happiness into each other’s lives. Remember that laughter always brings a sense of positivity and light into a relationship

9. You are both committed to making things work with each other.

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At the end of the day, you always want to be in a relationship with someone who is going to commit to making the relationship work. Remember that relationships are never easy. They are more complicated than a lot of people initially expect them to be. And that’s why both parties need to be heavily invested in making the relationship last. Both people must really commit to sustaining the love and emotional bond

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