Here’s Why The Person You Deserve Will Never Let You Feel Like You’re Settling

We all have, in our minds, a caricature of a perfect partner. We all prioritise different things, for some they might be looks, for others it might be their sense of humour, but based on what we think we want in life, we decide to try and find our partners on that basis.В Again, the key words here are What we think we want!

There is a huge difference in what we need and what we want, the two could be completely different things. We push for things that we think we need but are left confused and disappointed even once we have achieved them.

Whereas someone you deserve and someone you truly need in your life is that one person that will magically help you out in balancing everything in your life. Now, I know how much I emphasise on thinking realistically and not over fantasising your relationship but this is one thing where I use the word – Magic.

Your perfect one will be a magical fit in your life, they will be a complete surprise and when you finally realise that they are the one for you, you will also realise what kind of partner you needed in your life.

Here are a few things that will help you distinguish between the real deal or the person you deserve and the self-declared-caricature or someone not meant to be!

1. The person you deserve will always, unspokenly, make you feel like you did something great in life that fate brought them into your lives

You know like those deals that are too good to be true and you just don’t buy them because you are like ‘that’s just impossible!’?В Well, that is exactly how you feel when you will find the person you deserve, you will feel like you haven’t done enough in life to actually deserve them. A sudden rush of thankfulness and humility, that’s what you will feel when you have gotten what you deserve.

2. The person you deserve will bring out the good in you

Such a person will take over your world with positivity. You would want to expect good out of things and people because you will be happy from within. Such a person will never let a dull moment take its toll on you. You will always believe that there will be light at the end of every tunnel, no matter how complicated your life becomes, because you have the best thing for the most important part of your life, you will be content with the things you have.

3. The person you deserve will cherish you like they don’t deserve someone like you

This is actually a weird concept but like you deserve them, they deserve you and for them you will be the best damn thing that has ever happened to them. They will cherish you and appreciate you and treasure you like their most precious blessing/gift and person in life.

You see it isn’t about how perfect someone is, it is about how perfect they are for you. Different people will consider and cherish different kinds of people as perfect but fate has this crazy way of eventually ending you up with someone who is better than anyone you know or will ever know.

Now you see what I meant when I said ‘it’s magic!’? Finding the person you deserve will either be a lucky fluke, a crazy coincidence or an unbelievable story. They will complete you like no other, love you like no other, understand you like no other and support you like no other. They will be perfect in every aspect.В So wait if this magic hasn’t made its way to you,В have faith.

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  1. Those type of women to begin with are very stuck up feminists narcissists low life very nasty losers with no personality and manners at all when it comes to many of us single guys very seriously looking for love today.

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