How Do You Know When a Scorpio is Done with You?

When a Scorpio is Done with You

Has your Scorpio partner been cutting you off?

Do you feel like things are cooling down in your relationship?

What if things are worse off than you really think?

Would you know when a Scorpio is done with you?

Would you still have the chance to save your relationship?

Sometimes, in a relationship, couples will go through long stretches of ups and downs. It’s perfectly natural. A relationship is always meant to be like a proverbial rollercoaster ride. You never know what you’re going to get. There will be stretches wherein the two of you will be as happy as can be. At times, you will also go through some rough patches that feel like your relationship is doomed. This is a perfectly natural occurrence in any romantic relationship.

However, what if it gets to a point wherein these rough patches aren’t mere patches anymore? What if your relationship is disintegrating right before your very eyes? You don’t want to sit back and watch it die. But you’re unsure if you should force the issue because you don’t think it’s anything serious. Well, you can always turn to the Zodiacs to offer you some more guidance and wisdom on the matter.

Yes, you need to make that delineation. Is your relationship merely in a rut, or is your partner beginning to check out of your relationship? Well, if your partner is a Scorpio, there are a few things that you might want to keep an eye out for in your relationship. If you find that a lot of these signs apply to you, then you have some reason to worry.

1. They Will Lie to You

A Scorpio doesn’t get into the habit of lying to the people that they love. However, when they become disinterested in a relationship, you can expect them to be a little dishonest here and there. You might catch them in a lie every once in a while.

2. They Stop Being Passionate

A Scorpio is notorious for being the most passionate Zodiac sign out of all of them. So, whenever they aren’t acting passionately towards you anymore, then that’s a clear sign of danger. That’s probably the most significant sign of risk in your relationship.

3. They Don’t Plan for the Future with You

Scorpios are very future-driven when it comes to relationships. They aren’t going to be in a relationship if they don’t think that it has a chance of going the long haul. So, if you notice that they are abstaining from making any future severe plans with you, it’s a sign that they’re rethinking the relationship altogether.

4. They Don’t Make You Feel Cared For

Like Cancer, the Scorpio is a very nurturing and caring Zodiac sign. This is because they carry a lot of love inside them, and they want to manifest that love through their gestures. However, if they start losing that love, then they’re not going to be so willing to care for you anymore.

5. They Lash Out on You

Typically, a Scorpio will keep to themselves any negative energy whenever they’re in love. They will try to find other venues to express their negative energy. Although, when they aren’t so into a relationship anymore, you will find many that pent-up anger directed towards you a lot.

6. They Don’t Make an Effort to Communicate Anymore

Lastly, the level of communication in your relationship is going to take a significant drop. A Scorpio thrives off passion. But once that passion is lost, it will be manifested throughout various aspects of the relationship – even the communication.


There you have it. Those are just the cold hard facts as provided by key experts in the field of astrology. Of course, if only one or two of these signs apply to your partner, then you might not have to worry just yet. However, if a lot of these things are popping up in your relationship, then you have to rethink how you’re carrying yourself with your partner seriously.

Whatever your next move is, it’s going to be entirely up to you. It’s either you wait for the relationship to fizzle out into nothingness gradually, or you act on it and try to correct the path that you’re on. Regardless, you need to remember to do what is right for you. Yes, love is always going to be worth fighting for. But sometimes, you also have to learn how to walk away from someone who isn’t right for you. It’s up to you to figure out what you should do.

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