How Do You Know When an Aquarius is Done with You?

When an Aquarius is Done with You

Sometimes, things don’t always go the way you plan in a relationship.

Is it possible that your Aquarius partner has fallen out of love with you?

Is there a chance that things aren’t going well in your relationship anymore?

How do you know when an Aquarius is done with you?

Do you still have a shot at making things right?

Is your relationship already doomed?

These are all questions that we are going to try to unpack and discuss in this article here. You’re feeling nervous and anxious at the idea of losing your Aquarius partner. Naturally, you love them, and you want to be able to make things work with them. However, you might be getting a sense that they’re starting to grow colder towards you. It’s possible that their feelings have changed, and they no longer want to have anything to do with the relationship at this point. They might be done with you.

This article is going to try to help you better understand the real personality of the Aquarius through astrology. The better you know them, the more you will understand why your relationship is the way that it is. Also, you will be able to figure out if they’re going through a phase or if they’re seriously considering putting a stop to your relationship altogether. This can help ease whatever anxieties that you might have that have been brought about by uncertainty.

Astrology can always provide you a lot of answers to life’s most difficult questions, especially when it comes to love and relationships.

The Aquarius as a Lover

The one thing that you have to know about the Aquarius is that they aren’t always going to be emotional people. They don’t deal with emotions well at all. This is probably the source of a lot of confusion and ambiguity in your relationship. They aren’t opening up to you about how they feel, and you feel like you’re being left in the dark. That’s just a natural part of their personality.

Next, they are incredibly intelligent beings. They are always going to seek mental and intellectual stimulation, especially from their romantic partners. If they feel like they aren’t getting that from you, then it’s possible that they’re growing bored of the relationship and that they’re seeking something more.

Another thing to note about an Aquarius is that they want to feel accepted for who they are. They are always used to being called weird or eccentric. They understand that they have quirks, but they’re not willing to compromise them. Ultimately, they want to feel loved for the way that they indeed are. When you’re not able to provide that feeling of comfort for them, they may bail out of the relationship.

Lastly, they can be very insensitive. Even though you might be struggling with the state of your relationship, they will appear as if they’re okay with it. This isn’t because they hate you. Instead, it’s because their lack of emotional understanding will not allow them to realize that they are hurting you. This is why it’s essential that you speak your truth to them as well.

Signs That an Aquarius is About to Dump You

There are several red flags that you should be on the lookout for if you want to know if your Aquarius partner is done with you. If you catch these signs early, you might still have a chance at making a change to save your relationship. This is why it’s essential for you always to be alert when it comes to the things that are going on in your relationship.

1. They will prefer to talk to other people instead of you.

Remember that they are intelligent people who crave stimulation. If they are done with you, they’re going to seek that stimulation elsewhere. This is why they would prefer to talk to other people instead of you.

2. They won’t ask you questions about your life.

They may develop a general disinterest in you and your life. They won’t ask you any questions about your day anymore. They might not make much effort to engage in conversations with you at all.

3. They will refuse to make long-term plans with you.

They won’t want to lead you on. Your partner knows that the future is doomed for the two of you, and that’s why they will refuse to make plans with you.

4. They might even pick fights with you.

Usually, an Aquarius is very calm, relaxed, and collected. But that doesn’t make them immune to frustration. When they get frustrated in a relationship, they will keep it bottled up inside until they explode and pick fights with you for no real reason.

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  1. So if the aquarius women I was seeing just dumped me and we where hot and heavy serious as can be, and she said she need to work on thing that she needs space and won’t talk to me but yet she’s is letting me stay on her phone plan and want me to keep the phone, why would she ghost me but keep paying the bill for me to have this phone

  2. I have experienced all those emotions and behaviors, for I am an Aquarius woman. I get bored with the same humdrum routine. I am facing that boredom now. My Capricorn is too routined for me and I feel like he should mix it up a little.

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