What Does it Mean When An Aquarius Man Ignores You?

when an Aquarius man ignores you

Aquarius, the eleventh Zodiac sign. An Aquarius man is always going to be different than the rest. When an Aquarius man ignores you, it means he needs his personal space. Aquarius are highly introverted creatures in nature; they like their privacy and their own time.

When they’re upset, they need time to refresh themselves – and they love doing it alone. When an Aquarius man ignores you, let him have his time. He’ll come back on his own, eventually. Aquarius men are creative and free-spirited; they don’t follow societal norms and values.

One of the negative aspects of dating an Aquarius man is his mood swings. If he becomes impacted by something deeply, he’s going to go into “hiding mode.” He won’t talk to you; he won’t ask how you’re doing, he’s just doing to take his time and fix himself. But if you love him, you need to give this to him. Let him be alone if he wants to.

What to do when an Aquarius man ignores you?

when an Aquarius man ignores you

When an Aquarius man ignores you, you shouldn’t try to gauge his attention or go the extra mile to make him smile. Just give him time. Let him have his space.

When he ignores you, don’t let it hurt you. Understand the fact that this is how he is and be okay with it. Give him space, and he’ll thank you for it later.

How to get an Aquarius man back?

when an Aquarius man ignores you

An Aquarius man is going to take his time. If you want him back, give him as much attention as you can – Aquarius men love attention. Show him how much he means to you, tell him you miss him. You need to play on the strings of his heart, be romantic, and be vocal.

He’s going to be difficult in the beginning, but he’ll eventually come around. He’s the sort who keeps his pain and hurt to himself, stuffs it deep down never to show anybody. Be kind and courteous about his emotions. If you hurt an Aquarius man’s feelings, accept the mistakes and apologize from the heart – it’s going to go a long way. We all make mistakes; the lesson is not to make them again. And heartfelt apologies always work. If your heart is in the right place and you try your best, an Aquarius man will always pay attention to that effort.

Aquarius compatibility:

Aquarius is most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Due to their rebellious and creatively-unique natures, these signs make for unique couples and romances. They love adventures together, the endless late-night drives, those countless road trips, an Aquarius man will show you a different side of life. Sure, he’s not going to be easy to get. But once you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius man, you’re in for an exciting and emotional time.

Talk to me (discuss)

Have you ever been with an Aquarius man, whether romantically or otherwise? Talk to me in the comments below, and share your experiences with me. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it!

  1. My boyfriend is an aquarius, yesterday he was mad at me because i did not call him in the morning but today he suddenly ignore me and decline all my phone call, he even block me then unblock me, i send so many yext but he ignore it, what should i do . Are our relationship gonna end ??

  2. My aquarius man is doing the same at moment. I think it’s best to give him his space and let him come to you when he is ready.
    I’ve learnt to be patient with him now.

  3. Hii I’m Leo and he is Aquarius.. He is dominating than me.. I will not speak much when he is with me, I’m so conscious when I’m with him he always asks me why u so formal and talk something..what should I do I have no words.. When I’m with him..plz do suggest something for me to owe his love

  4. I’m a Scorpion and he is Aquarius. All of sudden he has ignored me for a month. Sometimes, I called facetime in the night, he answered (he drank with his friends). However, when I texted him even romantically, he did not respond. I give him his space but I also wonder whether are our relationship gonna end ??

    1. If he committed verbally to your face that he is yours he’s never going to fully leave. Just when you need time alone he might just choose to like run to the other side of the globe just to avoid your explosive anger. Nothing really freaks out an Aquarius more than when their lover is the thing yelling at them. It makes like all the dials on the dashboard hit their maximum and an Aquarius will more than likely run to the bedroom pack a bag and yeet themselves out the door and like dump a years worth of rent and be like see ya in a year!!!!

  5. Hi, I am a sagittarius woman and he is an aquarius. We just met online through facebook. He made me fall in love with him. He said we had this kind of connection that is reallly him love me. He even admitted that he is always dreaming of me at the first months while we were just talking and not yet in a relationship and too shy to say it later. He said loves everything about me. We constantly doing videochat after work so we can see each other often. He’s the first one who told me that he loves me. He’s really a cool guy so i gave it a shot. We had long distance relationship for 6 months now and everything is going smooth. We are both professionals and sometimes we are busy at work but we are always find ways in communicating with each other. We also planned to meet each other soon this April 2020 but unfortunately this virus thing happened. He is a frontliner. And i do understand the pressure he has at work until this fisrt part of May he began to slow things down. He said he’s just busy at work and nothing to worry about so i just tried to undertsand. It is not easy being a frontliner. Even if the texts messages are few, he still says he loves me. Then something happened. He was put in a home quarantine for 14 days. I am really worried but he says he’s fine. Once in a while he text me back that is when i only text him. And the words are so few. And then it’s been 5 days now that he is not talking to me. It is driving me really crazy because i worried that something might just happened. But when i checked in their workplace online it says there that there in no more health worker on quarantine. It means that he’s already fine. So why the heck he just stopped talking without saying anything. He does not even consider what would i think and feel. It’s been 5 days now. I am texting him everyday asking how he was and there’s no response at all. I even set him load yesterday without telling him just to test if he will answer my texts but he didn’t. I have sleepless nights with that 5 days and trying to get an answer from him waiting patiently for his message. I hope he’ll be considerate enough to tell.

  6. Hi I’m an Aries woman highly in love with an Aquarius man. I have just over stepped my boundaries and told him some feelings I have been holding back he told me we are done being lovers now which is tearing me apart because I believe we are soul mates please give some advice.

  7. Hy i am taurus and the one i like is aquarius man , i am so much attracted towards him but i think so he doesn’t have feelings for me .. and he like someone else . He is driving me crazy , its hard for me to focus on anything . We are in talking terms earlier for few days only but then he decided we should not talk to each other . Its so hard for me to understand him .and we are not even talking and he like someone else now what should i do to get his attention. And for him to have feelings for me .. plz tell me plz

  8. The relation is about to end I am a Scorpio too and he’s an Aquarius I was married to him for years and he divorced me through out the time we have been on. Off and I have been dumped so many time for silly reason I just got dumped two days ago for no real reason and it all stayed because I didn’t reach out to him for two days after we had a disagreement

  9. I am a virgo, my long distance bf (we started long distance only) is an aquarius. I sometimes fall short of words and I’m unable to answer his deep questions efficiently which irritates him a lot. 2 days ago we had a fight because of same reason and it escalated and now he doesn’t talk by his own. He just replied to my ‘love you’ messages and never initiates the ‘talk’. I don’t know whether he is trying to end things, still mad, giving me silent treatment or is in his own world. I am thinking to message even those 1-2 ‘love you’ messages. I don’t want to end things but don’t want to suffer at the same time.

    1. yeah, that is typical of an aqua guy. If you don’t reply as he expect you would do, he would get irritated. This guys believes they are special so they have high standards because they believe they are better than everybody else. It is all in their imaginative world they live in. I recommend you to leave this guy or you will suffer. It’s your choice…

  10. I have to agree I’m an aquarius dating an aquarius and do you know how hard it is dating the male version of you? I get it but the nuturing side of me loves that rugged side of him wanting him to know that I am there I give him his space but too much space will let me know this is not gonna work for me. We are highly in our heads so once we form a thought out brains go a million miles an hour we replay previous hurts that honestly have nothing to do with our current relationship especially when we are triggered. So ladies it has nothing to do with you and it’s all them because I even find myself doing the same but I am learning to heal that broken part of me so that it doesn’t spill into the relationship but men do not know how to work on that it’s an EGO and PRIDE thing feeling vunarable 🤷🏽‍♀️… If you don’t want to wait keep it moving soon or later they will figure it out just might be too late…

  11. I met an Aquarius man back in May. At first it was all a bed of roses and he seemed really into me (we only chatted online with occasional video calls for 1 month). After our first date in person, I started noticing a change of attitude. This Aquarius man is kind of insecure, but also has a huge ego, very entitled mindset and always made it seem like I was the luckiest human-being on Earth just because I got to hang out with him. Also, I gotta say he applies logic to every single thing, he felt the need to scrutinise every single thing or word I said. I get Aquarius people are very logical, you know what is not OK? The fact that he jumps to conclusions without knowing all the details and he deems his conclusions the absolute truth, even though they often fall short. It would make things easier if he would just ask or share his thoughts but apparently he lacks this ability. Also, Aquarius people might be deceitful and like playing mind games and even playing the victim so watch out and ask your Aquarius partner what their true intentions are. Stand your ground, these people are not trust-worthy.

  12. I’m Virgo and he’s Aqua… we were talking fir 3months and then met.. first date was great.. he was shy and later chatty, nothing happened, we were just like friends.….he did say that he had feelings for someone else, but she rejected him… so I kinda was his second choice… i didn’t care, because I wasn’t in love with him… after that first date he was texting me every day, ten times a day.. I was over the moon..and I was falling for him… in one month we had the most amazing sex… and he started texting me every two days or so… and never asked me when he would see me again.. I felt a bit used.. because I thought he was the one…
    Then one say, I met him accidentally in town and he was cold towards me… so he said hello and it was a really awkward silence.. I told him that he looks great and it’s nice to see him… and I found quick excuse to go in separate way… so he said “see you later”… he didn’t text me on that day.. I texted him first and he didn’t reply… I kept asking if he was ok.. and his replies were short.. it upset me… then it Xmas.. he didn’t reply on my “merry Xmas” message… we didn’t talk until his birthday in feb.. I texted him to wish happy birthday.. he replied.. and 10 days later when I was asking him if we could meet just for coffee, he said that he needs to break contact with me.. I was shocked… now three years later he still doesn’t talk to me.. I hope he’s ok… I stalked him online for a year.. and then decided to move on.. hope he is with the woman he liked and they are happy together… I just miss him very badly… and I’ve never loved anyone like him.. but it’s life.. and I hope he is happy…

    1. girl, I dated an Aqua. They aren’t it. They think they are it and string you along, leave you when things got difficult (for them). Then comes back when they knows that you are doing good.
      just no girl, like NO.

  13. Aquarius men are players who manage to sweettalk their way into your heart and bed by appearing to be nonthreatening and trustworthy. Don’t fall for it. These guys know their appeal, the modesty is false. They hate commitment.

  14. My husband is an Aquarius and I’m a Gemini. We do very well because we love our space. If either one of us was clingy (he can be a tad clingy) or controlling in any way it definitely would not work out. We go hours not talking or texting each other and okay w it. He’s very affectionate and needs to feel loved and appreciated. He is introverted and thrives off silence. But I’m annoying and loud so oh well for him. Haha

  15. Hi my name is Serena I’m a Scorpio women dating an Aquarius man and it’s not going the way I expected it to. We just got back together after breaking up for the first time(he broke up with me because he felt like he needed to focus on himself)and now I feel like it was worse than before we don’t talk/communicate he completely ignores even if I’m sitting right next to him he doesn’t hold my hand,hug,or kiss me I think I’m honestly just ready to give up on him I really like him and wanna make this work but he’s not really showing that he feels the same so I think I’m just gonna break up with him. If you guys have any tips on how I can save this relationship please let me know🙏🏽

  16. I’m a Sagittarius and I have a friend Aquarius, I think he likes me, but all of a sudden he became aloof, he was passing by the house but he seemed to be avoiding me, I was confused with him

  17. please dont subject yourself to walk on eggshells for another human being..dont be anyone’s doormat…take a stand for yourself & move on if you can. Leo’s are a proud, independant & dominating, meaning they can take of themself & get the job done…dont let him see you sweat..you can stil love him…but he does this b/c you have not set boundaries & basically let him.

  18. please dont subject yourself to walk on eggshells for another human being..dont be anyone’s doormat…take a stand for yourself & move on if you can. Leo’s are a proud, independant & dominating, meaning they can take of themself & get the job done…dont let him see you sweat..you can stil love him…but he does this b/c you have not set boundaries & basically let him.
    I am a Leo woman & recently dated an aquarius man…I gave him about as much attention as he did me..he got mad at me over a joke & hung up on me…and he ignored my calls & texts afterwards…I will not be controlled by a narcissistic maniac….he was too mubh of a weight on my emotions. It became to much of a burden to continue to pacify his ego….hanging up on me was the best thing he has ever done for me….I blocked him & moved on

  19. Hiii! I’m a Cancer/Moon Scorpio/ rising Leo, and the one I am INTERESTED in is an Aquarius. He would ignore me totally sometimes, but other days he would be so fun when the time is right. We would talk on certain days, bit others not. Sometimes I see him looking at me, but when I try to start convo, he resents me. But when I’m minding my own business he would just smile or grin at me, and when I ask why, he just turns away, not angrily but wisely. I’m just so confused!

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