How To Be Totally In Love Even After Years Of Marriage

The magical attraction and intense love is inevitable in a new relationship. Newlywed couples experience intense emotional and physical desire for each other. The influx of hormones, overflow of emotions and an ignited spark of intimacy marks "the honeymoon phase".

All couples are engulfed with the eccentric feelings of love and emotions during newlywed stage of their married life. But the main question is: ˜What is the secret to a lifetime of love and passion with your life partner?’

There are couples who not only enjoy each other’s company but are also extremely passionate about their life partners even after years of their marriage. Married life is not always a smooth sail, there are hard times, relationship stresses, financial problems, career commitments and kids that can really wear on a marriage.

Here are some of the most powerful ways that can help you keep the spark alive after years of married life. You can experience the ever- lasting intense love in your married life, even after years of marriage, by following these effective ways:

1. Love Every Day

Choose to love every day. No matter how you feel, you have to put in lots and lots of love into your marriage to make it work. Greet your life partner with a good morning kiss every morning and a good- night kiss every night, make this a routine for years to come. Communicate throughout the day with texts and calls and tell your soul mate that you love him/her.В 

2. Dream Together And Chase Them Together

Make your bonding with your life partner strong by dreaming together. Both the partners have to support each other in their dreams and they should chase their dreams together as a couple. Believing in each other’s dream and encouraging your partner to pursue his/her dream will make your marriage an everlasting bond.

3. Surprise Your Life Partner Every Now And Then

Keep the spark alive by surprising your significant other. A surprise dinner, a surprise return from an official tour, surprise gift, a surprise text and call can add passion and love to your daily routine. Keep on surprising each other; it will make both of you look forward to more loving surprises from your spouses in the future.

4. Always Remember The Little Things

You need to put in your heart and soul to make a relationship last long. Always remember all the little things, they count a lot. Be the first one to wish her/him every year for their birthdays, celebrate special occasions (your anniversary, when you first met, your favourite place during your honeymoon time etc). This will strengthen your bond forever.

5. Show You Care

Show that you care through little gestures. Men should show chivalry in their every move; open doors for your lady, offering her a seat to sit, offering her your jacket when it’s cold etc. Women can show their care and concern by taking care of their man’s belongings, his health, his diet etc. These little things you do, speak volumes.

6. Don’t Let Your Ego Take Over

To achieve a loving bond in relationships, ego should always be put aside. Don’t let your ego overpower your decisions. Couples who stay close for years even after marriage always value their relationship over their egos.

7. Try To Listen

Try to listen to what your spouse is telling you, pay attention and be considerate and sympathetic. You must also try to listen to what they are holding back due to any possible reason (shyness, guilt, fear, shame etc). If your significant other is upset about something, listen closely and carefully what they need to tell you. Be considerate and thoughtful.

8. Space Is Essential For Both Of You

Very few people realise that personal space plays an important role in the growth of a person as an individual and also for the relationship. Both the partners should take out some time for their own selves, apart from each other, apart from daily life schedules; a quite alone time, hanging out with one’s friends, pursuing a hobby, business or leisure trip out of the city. Giving yourself and your spouse this space is essential to enjoy a long healthy and relationship.

9. Never Lose The Excitement Of Honeymoon Phase

Honeymoon should not be considered as a lost phase after years of marriage. In order to keep the spark live, plan a honey moon trip at regular intervals. Spend time with your spouse at your favourite locations and enjoy your intimate relation with each other.

10. Take Care Of Yourselves

Both the partners should take care of their bodies, health and looks. This will give both of you confidence. Self assurance and self confidence plays an important role in making a relationship healthy and everlasting. Once you feel good about yourself, you will be positive about your spouse and your relationship with your life partner.

Moreover, taking care of your health is very important. If you wish to live a life time with your life partner you must remain healthy and fit to enjoy every moment of life together.

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How many of these healthy habits do you follow? Do you have any to add in the list? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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