How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You When You’re Away

How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You

There are many ways that you can go about how to make a Pisces man miss you.

First, there are a few questions that you need to be asking yourself.

Have you been doing your part in making the relationship great?

What shortcomings have you had in your role in the relationship?

Is this still a relationship that is worth fighting for?

When you are in a long-term relationship, it can be so easy to just get used to the way things are to the point that everything seems like a routine. This is very dangerous because you end up taking things for granted and you don’t give the littlest details a second thought anymore.

You always want to make sure that you take some time every once in a while to reflect on the state of your relationship. You must stay honest with yourself. Asking yourself questions such as the ones listed up above can be a good way to start.

Now, let’s get to the topic at hand: making your Pisces man miss you. Since you’re already in a relationship with a Pisces, you must know that he’s a very emotional and artistic soul. He’s the kind of guy that leans more towards the sensitive side of the spectrum.

He doesn’t exhibit this traditional kind of machismo vibe that is expected of most men. He has a more tender aspect of his soul. Perhaps, that might be part of the reason why you fell in love with him in the first place. That’s why you want to try your best to keep this relationship going. That’s why you want to make him miss you.

Making a Pisces Man Miss You


Sometimes, you might not even be in a relationship with him anymore. For example, your ex might be a Pisces man and you’re interested in making him miss you so that you have a shot at getting back together. Maybe you’ve just met someone new and you want him to miss you whenever you’re not around. Whatever the case, this article is going to help guide you through that process so that you have a higher shot at success in your endeavors.

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However, before we move on, you must realize what your role in the relationship is. You have to know your worth. Sure, it’s a relationship tactic to get a guy to miss you so that he will want you more. Although, you shouldn’t be so desperate to the point wherein you are just constantly craving for a guy’s attention.

That shouldn’t be how love works. You should learn to love yourself more than you love someone else. Self-love is one of the most important aspects of a person’s development. When you love yourself more, you gain more confidence. And all of that will contribute to you being able to land the guy of your dreams.

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At the end of the day, you could be gifted with all of the plays in the book. However, if you aren’t confident enough, then you’re never going to be able to pull them off with conviction. So, the very first step is that you take the time to build your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. This way, you will be more convincing when you tell the Pisces man that you’re lovable. Undoubtedly, he’s going to miss you a lot more if you show him that you’re a girl worth missing. Right?

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Getting to Know the Pisces Man

Before you can make him miss you, there are a few things that you need to know about his personality first. Obviously, the more you know about his personality, then the better you would be able to anticipate his feelings and reactions to your tactics. Fortunately, you’re not going into the war in the dark here. The Zodiacs have a lot of hidden answers that you can use to your advantage. Here are just a few things that you need to remember about a Pisces man:

  1. He’s the final sign of the Zodiac. This means that he is more at peace with himself than all the others. He understands that he’s reached the summit of his spiritual journey. This also means that he doesn’t feel like he has much to prove to anyone else. He may be considered to be eccentric by some people, but it’s all because he has a higher understanding of how the world works. One might even venture to say that the Pisces is the enlightened one out of all the Zodiac signs.
  2. The Pisces is a water sign. This means that he is very much similar to the Cancer in the sense that they are both incredibly emotional and sensitive creatures. You have to be very careful when you’re dealing with him. Make sure that you don’t hurt him with any abrupt gestures or insensitive remarks. Otherwise, he’s going to remember the pain that you’ve inflicted on him. That will not bode well for you in the long run.
  3. Pisces is ruled by Neptune. What this entails is that he is a generous soul. He’s the kind of guy who would rather give than receive. It’s just in his nature to always try to put forth positive energy into the universe. He never wants to suck the life out of anywhere. Rather, he’s more interested in adding to life itself.

How to Make a Pisces Man Miss You

Now, the moment that you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to discuss the many ways in which you can try to make a Pisces man miss you:

1. Fuel His Creativity

First, let him create. Fuel his passion for the arts. He has a very creative soul. So, show your support for him in this regard. Not many people understand the artist’s side of him. Show him that you’re one of the few who do.

2. Give Him Space to Operate

Just give him space. Even though he’s emotional like the Cancer, he’s not going to be as clingy or as needy. You can’t always just hang around him like some kind of leech or barnacle. Give him some occasional space and he’s going to appreciate that. This is important to him as he seeks to develop his individuality and character.

3. Project an Air of Mystery

Because he is an artist, the Pisces is always going to have a very inherently curious mind. He adores things that he can’t explain or understand. This is why you have to do your part in making sure that you don’t give him everything at once. Tease him a little bit. Leave a few details out for his imagination. This is a great way to make sure that he continues to think about you even when the two of you are apart.

4. Take Care of Him and Show Concern

As a Cancer, the Pisces man is a very nurturing soul. However, he tends to forget to take care of himself whenever he spends too much time taking care of others. This is where you step in. You can show him that you’re one of the few people who are going the extra mile for him. Of course, being a Pisces, none of your efforts will go over his head. He’s always going to be deeply grateful and appreciative of whatever care you put forth.

5. Bare Your Soul to Him

There are very few things in the world that are more attractive to an Aries man than honesty. He’s going to love it when you just open up to him in a very intimate capacity. Remember that he is a very emotional and empathetic man. This means that intimacy means a great deal to him. If you express this intimacy towards him during your fleeting moments, you can bet that it’s going to stick with him even when the two of you are apart.


Ultimately, these are just some of the tips that you can try to make use of when you’re trying to make a Pisces man miss you. Of course, there are loads of other tricks out there, but these are the ones that work best with a Pisces. However, it’s important to end this article by circling back to a point that was made during the earlier parts. You have to remember that you need to build your personality and character first. Once you have successfully done that, everything else is going to fall into place.

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Love is something that all of us search for in this life. It’s something that all of us aspire to. This is why you shouldn’t be ashamed of reading articles like this. It just goes to show that you understand the beauty and importance of love. It also shows that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to bring love into your life. That’s normal. Whenever you’re feeling lost in love, don’t hesitate to seek the advice and wisdom of astrology for further guidance. Love can be a really dangerous minefield, but you don’t have to go into it blindly.

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