The 9 Major Weaknesses Of A Pisces Woman

As human beings, we are all born with our fair share of strengths and weaknesses. However, this article is going to focus on one particular group of people – the Pisces women. Pisces people are born between February 9th and March 20th. They are symbolized by the fish and they typically have very friendly personalities. They are mostly very easy to like when compared to most other Zodiac signs. A lot of their amiability stems from their being so comforting and helpful towards others. However, they also have their own specific set of weaknesses and blemishes. No one is perfect after all. And the Pisces is most definitely not exempt from that rule.

If you are interested in getting to know a Pisces woman better, then you need to familiarize yourself with her weaknesses as well. Of course, she is only going to want to highlight her strengths and admirable traits. But you have to be content with the fact that her weaknesses are a part of what makes her who she is. And you can’t blind yourself to her weaknesses if you really want to get to know her on an intimate level.

Here are some of the major weaknesses of a Pisces woman:

1. She often gets crippled by fear.

She is REALLY scared. Of course, fear is normal in any human being. Fear is what drives our sense of self-preservation after all. Fearless people are often the ones who get hurt easily. However, a Pisces woman is sometimes too fearful to a fault. She deprives herself of living a great life because she is too afraid to actually put herself out there.

2. She deals with anxiety and worries a lot.

She may seem like she is being optimistic and positive all of the time but the truth is that she’s very anxious and worrisome. She is constantly thinking about how everything could go wrong and how all of her dreams could come crashing down on her.

3. She trusts way too easily.

She is just far too trusting. Of course, we always want to assume the best in people. We try our best to not be cynical and pessimistic. However, she can be a danger to herself with the way that she just lets anyone into her life. She is very sensitive as it is and she is letting a lot of predators into her life by trusting them way too easily.

4. She doesn’t really grasp new lessons or concepts all too quickly.

She is a slow learner. She is the type of girl who is just very set in her ways. She sticks only to ideas and concepts that are familiar to her. She has trouble with opening her mind up to fresh perspectives especially when they don’t align with her philosophies.

5. She is easily saddened by a lot of things.

She is so sensitive that she gets sad at even the simplest things. She is saddened by things that don’t really affect other people that much. And in that sense, she can also be a bit of a downer.

6. She has a tendency to run away from reality.

She has a way of just ignoring the reality that just doesn’t meet her liking or expectations. Instead of coming to terms with what’s real and concrete, she would rather create fantasies in her head where she can escape to. It’s her way of coping with the fact that the world isn’t always going to be the way that she wants it to be.

7. She likes to live in her dreams a lot.

We already know that a Pisces woman hates living in reality. And that’s why she resorts to living in her daydreams a lot. While that can be a good asset to have sometimes, it can also be bad. Someone who lives in the clouds way too much can really lose one’s sense of reality. She can get out of touch a lot when it comes to real-world issues and matters.

8. She is too scared of rejection.

A Pisces woman is always going to be very sensitive – as has always been established. She gets sad way too easily and she knows this. She feels sadness so much more immensely than other people – and she can become really sad when she feels rejected. That is why she is afraid of putting herself out there, she is afraid of being rejected.

9. She has difficulty opening up about her feelings.

The thing about a Pisces woman is that she is often very aware of how ridiculous her thoughts can be. She knows how fantastical she can get and how she often gets carried away with her dreams and expectations. And that makes her scared to open up to people a lot. She is afraid that a lot of people are just going to think she’s being naïve and crazy.

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