I Will Never Expect The Best Out Of Every Relationship

At this point, I am convinced that I am never going to stop hoping. I am never going to give in to the traps of hopelessness and despair. I am never going to believe in my own helplessness.

There were plenty of moments for me in my past that probably should have been enough to derail my optimism. The heartbreaking and disappointing experiences of my failed relationships were more than enough reason for me to just forever scour my views on love and romance. A quick glance at my romantic track record would render any person speechless at my sheer hopelessness. And yet, here I am, still looking for the one to love me the way that I deserve to be loved. And I have not lost one bit of hope or optimism. 

Yes, I am a damaged man. But I know that my wounds are going to heal eventually. Yes, I have had my heart broken. Multiple times, in fact. But it has always managed to mend itself back together again ready for another crack at love. A lot of people are surprised that I still haven’t lost my zeal for romance. A lot of people are shocked at the fact that I have not paralyzed myself under a veil of helplessness. To them I say only this yes, I may have a very flawed and scarred romantic history. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t look forward to having a bright, sunny, and beautiful future with a person who is going to love me for who I am. 

I have had my feelings betray me before and that should be more than enough reason for me to lose hope. That should be more than enough reason for me to develop a sense of distrust for myself and for my emotions. I have been blinded by my feelings so many times before but I still continue to trust in my own eyes. I still cling to the hope that eventually my wholehearted loving nature is going to pay off for me in the long run. Relationships ended on a consistent basis, but my belief in the power of love grew stronger day by day. 

A hopeless romantic, as they would call me. But I wasn’t hopeless at all. I still had so much hope within me. I knew. I was certain. I was sure. Love was coming for me and I couldn’t afford to give up so early on in the fight. I needed to endure. I needed to grow. I needed to become a better person. I still had hope for my future and I knew that I had to sustain that hope. And so I did. And so I continue to do.

It would have been perfectly reasonable for to have lost all hope when all of my messages and phone calls were left ignored and unanswered. I had plenty of reasons to lose all hope when a seemingly random kiss with my romantic partners would unknowingly end up being our last. It was absolutely okay for me to have lost hope at the fact I was cheated on and that I was lied to and deceived. But I chose not to. I’m still here with all my hope completely intact. I’m still hoping that I will eventually find the person who will right all the wrongs that have happened in my life.

At this point, I am convinced that I am never going to stop hoping. I am never going to give in to the traps of hopelessness and despair. I am never going to believe in my own helplessness. I am going to persist and anyone reading this should probably do the same. I am programmed to always look for the best possible scenarios and to hope that they manifest themselves into reality. It’s this hope that keeps the blood flowing through my arteries. It’s this hope that keeps my heart beating at a frantic space. It’s this hope that I cling to which propels my feet forward one step at a time. 

Love is always supposed to be an adventure. It’s always supposed to keep your heart racing. It’s never something that you can be entirely sure of. It’s never something that you’re not going to take a risk for. True love can never be acquired where there is no hope; and that is why I am still choosing to cling to whatever hope I have left within me. 

At the end of it all, I am probably not going to regret clinging to whatever hope I have regardless of what the outcome may be. But if I do fall into the pit of hopelessness and I end up missing out on a chance for love because of it, then I am sure that I will be regretting that until my very last breath. So be like me. Cling to that hope. Believe that love is eventually going to crawl its way into your life. Do not despair. Trust in the path that you are on and just keep on moving forward. 

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