If A Guy Really Wants You, Then He Will Chase After You

It might be fair to say that a lot of women have already found themselves in this type of situation before. She might like a guy so much but she doesn’t know whether he likes her in return. And that’s why she will decide to hold back a little bit and see if he’s going to make an effort to get closer to her.

But here’s the absolute truth that you need to accept right at this very moment: if a guy really wants you, then you would know it. He would pursue you and chase after you. If he were genuinely interested in you, then he would definitely make his intentions known to you. He would always be willing to put his emotions on full display for you if he knew that you were worth it.

If you truly matter to a guy, he would always do whatever it takes to keep you in his life. He wouldn’t shy away from putting in the effort to let you know just how much you mean to him. He wouldn’t hesitate to just make you feel his love in every way possible.

And on the flip side of things, a man who just isn’t interested in you wouldn’t take the bait. He’s going to “breadcrumb” you a lot – meaning he’s going to leave a trail for you to follow him. And as he’s doing so, he’s never really going to actually commit to you. He isn’t going to give you what you’re looking for. He’s just going to be content with you chasing after him a lot.

He might be charming and he may be saying a lot of the right words and phrases. He might be using all of the right lines but that doesn’t mean that any of it is real. He might tell you that you’re important to him. But you have to know that a man’s truth is shown through his actions and not his words.

And so even though he tells you that you’re important to him, it’s not true if he does nothing to back up what he says. He might tell you that he’s willing to commit to you, but you should just walk away if he’s not going to put his money where his mouth is. If he is failing to give you the effort that you need to sustain a relationship, then he’s not really into you and you need to just break yourself away from all of that.

You should always try to seek the man who always wants to make sure that you have a good impression of him. He should be the kind of guy who always conducts himself with tact and class. He makes sure to always act respectful of you so that you don’t end up being rubbed the wrong way. He wants to make sure that he is always on your good side because he truly values whatever opinion you have of him.

He should be the kind of guy who willingly takes you out on dates not just to get a good meal out of it, but to actually spend some real quality time with you. He should be a guy who wants to get to know you more and more every time you meet up with each other. He should never want to stop getting to know the depths of your soul and your personality.

But you’re not always going to pursue this kind of man. And it’s okay. There are so many girls all over the world who are guilty of going after the wrong guy. And while that’s unfortunate, it’s not something that you should really be ashamed of unless you show a general reluctance to learn.

You need to be strong enough to break away from that kind of cycle. You can’t make the mistake of just falling into the hands of men who are only looking to hurt you and abuse you; the men who only want to manipulate you and play around with you.

You need to latch yourself onto a guy who is actually worth holding on to. You need to be with a man who isn’t afraid of just owning up to his feelings and letting them be known to you. He should be a guy who is open to the idea of letting you in. He should trust you enough to allow himself to become vulnerable with you.

You deserve to be with a man who really puts in the effort for you; someone who doesn’t shy away from the hard work that it takes to win your heart. This is the kind of guy who you know you have a real future with. This is a guy who you know you can build a really happy and healthy life with. This is the kind of man who you can always count on to be there for you no matter what.

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