If she really is the one for you, you will say yes to all of these questions

Questions, answered.

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether you are in love or not. You may be with a woman but at the back of your mind you might even be confused whether she is the right woman or not. You may even be mesmerized by her beauty and awed by her personality. She may be the one who successfully excites you and makes you laugh, she may be the one who can make you smile even at the saddest parts of life. But sometimes in life, there are some points where you wonder whether this is exactly what you want, whether she is exactly the woman you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.

It may sound selfish but it actually happens to some people. They feel empty and they just cannot help it. They seek answers and mostly to the question – are they happy? Is this truly what they have always wanted? Are they missing something?

Along with these questions, many other questions will arise in your mind but there are a few questions which are more important than the others and if the answer to these questions is ˜yes’ then you are surely with the perfect girl. In that case, also make sure you never leave that girl because she is really the one for you.

1. Ask yourself whether you have improved as a person:

There are people who bring out the monster from within. And then there are people who bring out the best in you. Such are the people who need to stay in your life, no matter what. If your woman makes you a better person and you have improved since her arrival in your life, she is the one you should never think of leaving.

2. Does she make you smile? Does the sight of her excite you and make you happy?

What does a man need from the hectic life of the 21st century? What a man needs is somebody who would make him happy. Somebody whose presence would make him feel like he has nothing to worry about. There are people whose mere sight would make you happy and in that case, you have to realize that those are the people who need to stay in your life because they make you happy. Happiness is a blessing and there are few people who are blessed with immense happiness. If you have somebody in your life who makes you happy to an extent that you barely remember ever being sad then that is the person you can never let go of.

3. You never get bored when you are doing something with her, even if it is just having random conversations:

If you are with a woman and her presence and her existence makes you believe that you could ask for nothing better than that then that woman is perfect for you. What happens is that men, by nature, tend to get bored after sometime. Suppose you engage a man in conversation and that conversation keeps on going and going, he would eventually get bored but if your man doesn’t get bored while talking to this one specific girl on the same topic for even a single moment then she is the perfect girl for him because she is the one who is able to capture his attention to the fullest without even letting him get bored. 

4. Do you have her around when you need her the most?

Life is tough and everybody is busy with their priorities and their responsibilities. If you are sad or even immensely happy and you believe that your loved one is there for you in both your sadness and happiness, she is the one you really need to stick to. Because taking your time out for someone in this century is quite hard, we all have to struggle to reach a certain point in life in order to grab success, if someone can ignore that and choose to be with you in your sadness and in your happiness, that person is special.

5. Does she share things with you openly? Has she revealed her true self to you?

This point is mainly about trust. Of course, we all have our insecurities and some of us have a few secrets. It is okay, sometimes, to keep secrets but when you love someone, you tend to tell them about most of the things that you have been hiding or keeping completely to yourself. If there is a woman who has opened up completely to you and given herself to you then she is the one who is perfect. It’s not easy to open up and many women know that, even for men it is not easy to tell their partners everything about their lives, what matters the most is how much you share, how much you are ready to tell your partner. If you tell your partner about most of the things that you have done in your life whether they’re embarrassing or not then you truly trust your partner and that is called rightly opening up to your partner. If your woman has opened up to you, she is the one you should never let go of at any cost because such people are quite rare, especially in this time.

If you do have such a woman in your life then don’t let her go, she will keep you happy and make sure you keep her happy too.

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