If These 4 Red Flags Are Present In Your Relationship, Then Your Partner Doesn’t Really Want To Commit To You

Don’t ignore these red flags.

Want to know the truth? It’s just all too easy for people to start having crushes on people nowadays. Developing a crush on someone isn’t all that difficult at all especially when you are only taking things at surface value. But that’s the problem. Merely taking things at surface value can be dangerous for you if you’re not careful. You always have to make sure that you do your due diligence. Before you allow yourself to really get serious with someone, you have to be able to figure out what their intentions and expectations are and sometimes, what they are telling you isn’t exactly always going to be how they are feeling.  

Maybe your gym instructor has been flirting with you and trying to get you to go out with him. Maybe the barista at the caf that you frequent has been writing you subtle notes along with your drink. That’s great. You start to get interested in them. But you also have to stay guarded. You can’t allow yourself to give them everything all too quickly. You can’t get ahead of yourself. Emotional investment is a very serious matter and it should only ever really be afforded to those who are deserving of it. There are some people who talk a good game but don’t really feel the way that you would want them to feel. There are some people who will lead you to believe that they are serious about being with you but the opposite ends up being true.

You don’t want to come out of this unfortunate experience kicking yourself and saying that perhaps you should have known better. You have to be very careful of the people that you choose to let into your heart because you don’t want to end up being used and abused. You don’t want to end up being manipulated into bending to someone else’s will. Your emotions can cloud your judgment a lot so it’s very important for you to stay guarded. You don’t want to blind yourself to the reality of the situation because you might end up being made a fool of.

At the end of the day, in order for a relationship to last, it’s going to take two committed individuals to make things work. If there is a lack of commitment on even just one side, then it becomes virtually impossible for a relationship to be sustainable. So you should only ever really emotionally invest yourself in a person who is just as willing to invest themselves in you.

Go ahead and immerse yourself in the dating world. Look for that relationship that you think that you’re deserving of. But always make sure that you stay true to yourself. Always make sure that you keep yourself honest. Don’t settle for a love that is beneath you. Only really devote yourself to someone who is worthy of your devotion. Choose to be with someone who chooses to be with you in return. Here are some red flags that the person you’re dating isn’t really interested in committing to you.

1. It’s as if your relationship is purely just about the sex.

If your relationship is purely physical, then that isn’t a romantic relationship at all. It’s a relationship that’s built on desires of the flesh. It’s a relationship that is built on pure lust. And when lust becomes too prevalent in a relationship, it leaves little room for genuine love to grow.

2. You don’t really feel a real connection between the two of you.

For the strongest and healthiest couples, the emotional bond and connection is almost palpable. Two people who are genuinely in love with one another and want to have a relationship together there is bound to be a connection between these two individuals. But if you fail to feel that bond and connection with your partner, perhaps it’s because it was designed to be like that. Perhaps they are acting distant and closed off to you because they don’t want you to believe that they’re actually committing to you.

3. They tell you that they’re not really looking for anything serious.

If you’re lucky enough, you will actually be dating someone who is honest and upfront to you about not wanting anything serious. And when they make this admission, you have a choice to make. You have to decide if you’re willing to tag along for the ride or if you should just walk away and find the love that you think you really deserve.

4. They give you just enough to string you along, but not enough to actually give you security.

And there are those who are incredibly subtle about their noncommittal nature. They will give you just enough to lead you on; they will want to keep you interested. But they won’t actually give you enough to make it seem like they’re locked on to you.

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