I’ll Always Fight For You, But I’ll Never Fight For You To Stay

Don’t mistake my kindness for my weakness.

If you want to be in a relationship with me, then you’re genuinely going to have to make an effort to stay in my life. You’re going to have to do your best to make things work with me. You are actually going to have to put in the time, effort, and commitment it takes to keep things going. If I see that you are actually trying hard, then I’m also going to do so. I am going to devote everything I have into what we are as a relationship. I’m always going to do what is necessary to make sure our relationship goes the whole ten yards. 

I’m always going to make sure to exceed all expectations that you have for me. I’m always going to try my best to go above and beyond what is normal. I am never going to settle for mediocrity when it comes to us. I will always ensure that I put just as much of myself as I am getting in return. I will always give more than what I receive. I will never settle for anything less than what we both deserve.

You will never have to worry about me showing you my gratitude and my appreciation. You will always be on the receiving end of my thank you’s and my love. You will never be in want for my thankfulness. You will always be on my mind and I will always notice everything that you do for me. I just also have to be able to feel that you appreciate everything that I do as well. I have to know that you genuinely like everything that I’m doing for you. I have to know that I’m doing the right things in the relationship. You have to be able to express yourself freely to me. You always have to be comfortable with opening yourself up to me. 

I will always make an effort to defend you from anyone and anything. I will always make sure to be on your side. In my mind, it’s you and me against the world; and I hope that it’s the same for you. I will always be your team mate. You have a partner for life with me. You will always have someone to stand side by side with you no matter how difficult. I will be there to hold your hand whenever you’re scared. I will help pick you up whenever you’re down. I will always ensure your well-being. I will always be on the lookout for your safety. I will be your eyes when you can’t see. I will be your ears when you can’t hear. I will be your heart when you can’t feel. I will always have your back. I only need you to be the same for me. I need to have that kind of safety and security in my life from someone else. I need to know that someone is going to help catch me if I fall. I need someone to help carry me whenever I stumble. I need someone to hold my hand when I am terrified. I need you to be the person that I’m willing to become for you. 

I will always make a conscious decision to choose you above anything and anyone else. You will always be a priority for me. I will never give you up for anything because I know that our love has potential. I know that we have a chance to be great together and I am not willing to give that up. I am always looking at our future with a big smile on my face. I am always confident about what is in store for us and I hope that you feel the same. I hope that you are also someone who looks towards the future with a smile. I hope that you share my optimism with us.

I will always make sure to be loyal to you. I will always make sure to never betray you. I want you to be comfortable with placing your heart in my hands. I will never serve as a traitor in your life. If you give me an important part of yourself, I would always make sure to take care of it. I will never be one to be reckless with your life or with your feelings. I would never be careless about your vulnerability as a person. But I also hope you would be the same with me. I hope you would also take care of my heart with unfailing fervor. I hope that you never take my feelings and emotions lightly. I hope that you always try to choose my well-being above anything else. 

I know that I’m asking for a lot. I know that it’s a lot because I have also given a lot. But that’s just the way that I am. I am always going to be willing to give a lot. But if you’re not going to be able to reciprocate that, then I’m sorry. There are limits to how much I want to give of myself. I will always fight for you to be in my life, but you’re going to have to fight to stay as well. 

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