Influencer Sparked Debate After Shaving Newborn Daughter’s Head

An influencer has stirred a controversy after shaving her newborn daughter’s forehead and then sharing the information online.

27-year-old Byron Bay influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews welcomed her third child, a baby girl, in September 2022. This is Ruby’s first child with her fiancé, Shannon Dodd.

Ruby, who goes by the username @rubytuesdaymatthews on Instagram, regularly shares her life updates with her 236K followers on the platform.

On September 21, 2022, Matthews gave birth to her third daughter, Holiday, and shared her adorable video with her followers.

“Holiday Dodd – 20.09.22 – 2.56kg – 8.41 am at 36 weeks. Our hearts are overflowing, and we are completely in love,” she captioned her video.

Recently, the 27-year-old Instagram model sparked debate on the platform after revealing that she shaved Holiday’s forehead to make her look skin glow more. She also said that this is what she had done with her other two children as well.

Ruby has two sons besides her newborn daughter, Holiday – Rocket and Mars, with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Heywood.

 “I got two hours sleep last night. Working whilst having three kids home isn’t a vibe,” she wrote on her story. “Silly me shaved Holiday’s head and yep forgot we have Santa photos tomorrow.”

“So that’s one for me the memory books. Oh and it’s patchy,” she added.

After watching her story, many users remained shocked by the fact that she could do that kind of thing to her few months old babies.

“OMG, how could you do such a thing to your baby? What kind of a mother are you? This is so horrible,” one angry user commented.

“Ridiculous… why would you do that to ya baby girl. She is so tiny,” another wrote.

“Cannot deal with this. She put her baby go through so much pain at such a young age when there is no point of doing this stupid thing. Let the baby breathe, woman,” another user commented.

After reading all the hateful comments from her followers, Matthews posted another update on her story and wrote,

“Lol. Everyone is losing it that I have shaved Holiday’s head. I’ve actually shaved all my children’s heads at about four months.”

“My kids are born with dark hair that slowly falls out and ends up looking crazy patchy and the new hair holds off growing. I find shaving it makes it grow faster, thicker and so much more even.”

She added, “This is also done by a lot of cultures for tradition and some for looks. My aunty who is Indonesian, told me about it.”

“It’s crazy I can already see her tiny blonde hairs coming in now her baby fluff is gone.”

After she replied to her haters, many people came forward in Ruby’s support and backed her up by saying they also did the same.

“I did this too, and everyone lost their mind. But I’m a hairdresser and it actually works,” one wrote.

“Looks horrible for a few weeks but well worth it,” another said.

“I have shaved all my kids hair too, grew back beautifully,” a third follower commented.

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