It’s Better To Be Single Than To Be With Someone Who Doesn’t Make You Happy

It’s much better to be single than to be sad.

Having to navigate your way through the dating world as a perpetually single person can be a very emotionally draining ordeal. You’re so tired of having to endure a string of bad dates with people who never seem to want to commit to you. And so you get tempted to entertain the idea of actually just settling for the next person who even expresses the slightest interest in you. Originally, you had never planned on settling at all but the clock is ticking and you’re starting to get desperate. At this point, you would rather settle for a mediocre partner and a mediocre love just so you won’t have to be single anymore. But that’s the wrong mindset to have. You shouldn’t settle. Settling is only going to bring you more pain than what you’re experiencing now.

You have to remember that you can’t force anyone to actually want to be in a committed relationship with you. Yes, you’ve heard all of the relationship rules. Yes, you’re familiar with all of the dating tips. You’re told to not come on too strong. You’re told to try and play a little had to get. You’re told to dress nice and be real. But at the end of the day, you can only just put forth the best version of yourself and hope for the best. You can never really force anyone to be into you. They have to decide that for themselves. But you just have to keep the faith that you’re eventually going to meet the right person and this time, there will be no doubts. There will be no hesitations. You will experience true love with the perfect person and you will be infinitely thankful for not settling with anyone else.

Besides, being single isn’t so bad. In fact, there are a lot of joys and perks that come with living that single life. Sure, for now you feel completely helpless because of the fact that you’re single. You are sick and tired of feeling alone. But you also have to remember that being alone is just a mindset. You can be by yourself without feeling lonely. You just have to take a more positive perspective on things. You should learn to be comfortable in your solitude. You should learn to embrace the freedom that singlehood affords you. You should learn to be happy with the fact that you are being patient and strong. You don’t have to rush into anything that you feel is beneath you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to wait for that perfect love to come along. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to stay passive until that one great opportunity happens to present itself. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean that you have to wallow in the sadness of loneliness. You can still thrive and be happy in your pursuit of love.

And just keep this in mind: your future self will hate your current self for choosing to settle. Okay. Settling for someone right now might bring you temporary happiness. It might take a huge burden off your shoulders. It might ease the pain of being single. But know that that lightness of being is only going to last so long. Because when you settle for a mediocre love then the mediocrity is going to find a way to breed negativity into your life. And you might not feel it right away, but when you do feel it in the future, you will be left in far worse shape than when you started.

And if you do settle for a relationship that isn’t right for you, you are only further depriving yourself of the love that you’ve always wanted. By choosing to settle, you are shutting yourself from all of the opportunities that singlehood gives you the opportunities to find true love. You have to keep in mind that in this case, having no love is a whole lot better than having the wrong kind of love. So just be patient. Keep still. Trust that your love story is coming. Don’t settle or else you’re going to end up missing out on what you really deserve.

And stop being selfish. It’s not all about you. When you settle with someone you’re not really in love with, you’re not only being dishonest with yourself. You are also being dishonest to that person. And they deserve better. They deserved to be love for real the same way that you deserve to be.

So don’t think that it’s a waste of time for you to keep on being single. It would be an even bigger waste of time for you to be settling for someone you’re just going to grow to hate anyway. Don’t settle. Respect yourself. Wait for the love you deserve.

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