Jamie Lee Curtis Reveals the Secret to 38-year-long Happy Marriage with Husband Christopher Guest

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Jamie Lee Curtis is a superstar actress who’s best known for her iconic role as Laurie in the movie Halloween.

She and her husband, Christopher Guest, recently appeared on JLGB’s Virtual where they had a nice conversation about life & marriage.

The couple got married back in 1984 and are still going strong!

What’s The Secret?

While speaking with HELLO!, Jamie Lee Curtis spoke about what made her 38-year-long marriage so successful and happy. She said:

“Don’t leave. That’s really it – two words. Because you will want to. If you’re telling me anybody who’s married for a long time hasn’t thought ‘I hate them, I want out,’ of course they have! I believe if you stay on the bus long enough, the scenery will change!”

To which, her husband jokingly responded:

“It depends what bus!”

Jamie Lee Curtis then went on to explain:

“I think it’s crucial to put yourself in the path of love. Look, I reached out to his agent.”

“I left my number. He didn’t call me by the way. And then we ran into each other at a restaurant and then he called me.

“But I put myself in the path of it, because I have believed in that my whole life. Put yourself in the path, do your work and let God take over the rest.”

“I’m now 62, I’ve raised two children, I’ve started this little company, I’m married, we have a beautiful life together.

“I’m as creative as I ever have been in my life, right now at 62 years old!”

“Life is painful, it is the nature of it. And I do believe we will get through it.”

Her husband, Christopher Guest, told HELLO! about how he perceives life:

“I love to be in nature and I hike and I ski. But I also think it’s important for people to get away from all the incessant bad news.

“Not to put your head in the sand but also to give yourself the chance and the time to breathe. I think that’s very important so you’re not consumed by what’s going on.”

“I think you need a balance in your life so that you’re not driven completely crazy!”

We thank the happy couple for inspiring and motivating the rest of us! More power to this super-couple!


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  1. Very well spoken points from both of you . I also think times have changed. It’s happy spouse happy life. Keeping on enjoying life you two

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