Key to a Happy Relationship: Just two words?

A mereВ Thank You can go a LONG way!

All of us are so caught up in finding ways to make our relationships happy and sustainable. There are countless advice and how-to guides on the internet but here, we have a simple way. Just two words to make your relationship happier: Thank You

These two magical words sometimes mean more than I love you because love is in the human nature, it is part biology and part hormonal chemistry. However, gratefulness and being thankful to your partner takes real care, consideration and effort. Being grateful to your partner means that you cherish them in your life and hold them close to your heart and soul. It also gives them reassurance that you hold a very important place in your life and you are grateful for having them around.

But First

Start with yourself! The journey to appreciation starts alone. You meet wonderful people along the way but you have to start alone. First, you need to feel grateful for all the things that you have. Not everyone’s life is shiny, we all face troubling times but the way to true thankfulness is realizing the blessing that you do have, no matter how small!

Once you learn to be thankful and grateful with your own life, it will become easier and even enjoyable for you to appreciate the people who go out of their way to make efforts for you.

Why is it hard?В 

We understand that as humans, we start to become oblivious to those who make constant efforts for us. We get used to it and we no longer realize that the person is going out of his or her comfort zone to do things for us because they love us. We start to form an inner belief that it is their responsibility to do things for us.

Actually, they make efforts because they see us worthy of it. The least we can do is say thank you right? Instead, we forget to appreciate their exertions and we forget to show the much deserved gratitude. Not because we are bad people, but because we learn to live with the new normal and we get immune to their efforts seeing them as responsibilities.

How can it be Easy?

In order to integrate the dynamic of gratitude in your relationship, you first need to identify the times your partner makes any type of effort for you. Even the tiny efforts count. For example, when they bring you a glass of water, you can say Thank you, I am so lucky to have you. This seems like a normal thing to do right? And most of you already say thanks on such occasions but the difference is, here, you have to put feeling in it. You have to look them in the eye and mean it! Think of how lucky you are to have them in your life and the words of kindness will come out automatically.В – Continue reading on the next page

Moreover, when your partner changes his or her plans for you, you have to tell them how much it means to you. Most couples think that it is their right to have one of the partners change his or her plans, but the truth is; it is not their responsibility but if they do it anyway, don’t forget to show your gratitude.


Let’s face it guys and girls, saying I love you all the time loses its magic and charm. However, saying thank you is as timeless as words can be. No matter how much you use this kind sentence, it stays fresh and for your partner, it evokes the feeling of being cherished and cared for. Moreover, you can use show your gratitude in so many other ways.

As a General way of life.

There must be hundreds of ways to show that you are thankful to people for all of the things that they bring to your life. Our advice is not just for the couples; it is for every human!

Various psychological studies too, have shown the importance of gratitude and thankfulness as a general attitude in life. People who practice gratefulness are generally mentally and physically healthy, happier, productive and successful.

Gratitude is something that does not require much energy on your part. The best part is, gratitude can be cultivated using even the smallest things that go unnoticed otherwise. For example, you can be grateful for your warm and cozy bed every night before sleep.

All you have to do is follow this simple but comprehensive list:

  • Recognize all the good things around you.

  • Identify the things that make your life comfortable

  • Identify all of the things and people who you are happy to have. Your partner, your warm bed, your cozy robe, the mailman who always delivers on time, your pets and even your frenemy.

  • Figure out how to show gratefulness to those people and things. Sometimes even a single thank you is enough.

  • Always be mindful of people going out of your way for you and never forget to show them the appreciation that they deserve.

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