Relationship Tips from A Happily Married Couple of 72 Years

These are true words of wisdom!

We live in a word that is becoming highly complex and confusing. When the heartbreak is everywhere, people get restless to know the secrets to a happy relationship that aces the test of time.

When it comes to the dating world and relationship advice, experience counts! And today, we have relationship tips from a couple that has been married for 72 years. Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi proves that any relationship can pass the test of time if both of the partners want it to. Even at the age of 95, they still have the spark and are still very much in love.

Now, pay attention to these relationship tips because they are literally tried and tested by Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi so they know what they are talking about.

The Basic Elements

The basic elements of Earth are Air, Fire and Water. Following the similar principle. We have analyzed that the following tips are based on these basic elements: Love, understanding, friendship and trust. Mastering a perfect balance of these four elements can be hard to achieve but so are all the things that are worth having. Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi proves to us that while hard, it is certainly not impossible.

  1. Choose Love

Always choose love. Once you are in love, love must be your first priority. Consider how your actions affect your loved ones and plan things accordingly. Love should be easy, make things easy for yourself and your partner by considering how the things you do affects them.

  1. Live close to your spouse

Proximity is an important aspect when it comes to long-lasting love. Stay close to your spouse and your family. It can get hard in today’s busy world but try your best to spend at least 30% of your waking time with your spouse. Once you have children and grandchildren, try to live close to them. – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Accept the Arguments

Every couple fights but it’s the way they handle it that really matters. Arguments are a part of every loving relationship and a key to staying in love is accepting the arguments as something that help you quash the differences and grow wiser together.

  1. The Good and the Bad

Another key aspect of lasting love is radical acceptance. Accept the good things in your life as well as you accept the bad things. At the end of the day, all it comes down to is the fact that you two love one another and will do anything for one another’s happiness. Even in the face of bad things, you have each other to rely on. Cherish the companionship above all.

  1. Anger

Anger among loving partners should never last more than 24 hours. Make it your life’s rule to never go to sleep angry because that way, the resentment slowly builds and it ends up affecting the relationship. So next time you are angry at your partner, try to forgive them before bedtime. Okay, even if you cannot do that for some reason, at least do not sleep on separate beds.

  1. Good Parenting

Parenthood is a beautiful thing and a solid foundation that makes a relationship long-lasting. Foremost, commit to being good parents. Engage in the interactive activities with your children. It will make you fall more in love with your partner knowing that you share an important purpose; the upbringing of your offspring into productive members of the society.В – Continue reading on the next page

  1. Keep the element of Surprise

As time passes on, relationships become predictable. They tend to fall into a loop. In order to prevent that, keep the element of wonder alive. Surprise your partner often and go out on frequent dates. Dates where it is only the two of you without any distractions. If you have kids, hire a trustworthy babysitter for a night or just drop them to their awesome aunt’s house for the night. You have no idea how a magical night together can rekindle the spark of your love to its brightest.

  1. Never Leave without saying I love you

Tell your partner often that you love them. Especially before going anywhere, give them a hug or a kiss on the forehead, tell them that they’re the love of your life. This simple gesture very important to create lasting intimacy and love. As humans, we are always looking for reassurance and it is always good to have constant reassurance from the people we love.

  1. Trust

Trust one another to take wise decisions. Give one another the required freedom humans need to breathe. If any trust-related issue arises, you must talk about it as soon as it is possible. Trust issues make human over-think which is why it is always the best policy to talk about it directly with your partner. Take out time from your schedule, sit in a comfortable and private place and talk about it. Take your partner to the place you had your first date in, or take them to their favorite place. Surroundings matter too when you are talking about serious issues.

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