80 Little Things to Do to Express Love in the right Manner

The idea of love often gets so close to our eyes that it does not take long for us to be completely oblivious to it. We assume that we have understood the meaning of love; we think we have known what saying I love you means and we start overdosing its usage in daily life. Expression of love for someone does not necessarily require saying some words, and if the words are hollow, they are good for nothing. People often consider saying I love you an obligation. It generally becomes a routine to say it before disconnecting a call, before sleeping and all the time while texting. We also utter the three words because the other person said it, and we feel obliged to reply. Love should not just be a conversation-ender or a robotically programmed reply in words; it has to be more than that. Love should be visible in actions and everything we do for our partners should show our love for them.

It should be expressed by these actions that are so little yet so big in meaning:

  1. Sharing our food with them; dwelling on a piece of chocolate together
  2. Giving them a helping hand in taking groceries inside
  3. Helping them start their car in cold
  4. Giving them advice in the time of crisis
  5. Making them smile
  6. Being there to wipe their tears
  7. Sharing a blanket with them
  8. Cooking for them when they are tired and hungry
  9. Trying to cheer them by up by telling all the silly jokes you know
  10. Attending events with them that you’re actually not interested in, but they are
  11. Sharing everyday stories with them at the end of the day
  12. Keeping them updated about what’s going on in your life
  13. Listening to their own everyday stories from workplace
  14. Attending to their family members and befriending their cousins
  15. Facing challenges together
  16. Managing budget together at times of financial crisis
  17. Earning with them to get over the crisis
  18. Not differentiating between your money and his money
  19. Showing him that you remember your alliance with him
  20. Encouraging them indirectly by your actions
  21. Holding them in your arms
  22. Carrying their extra bags
  23. Being yourself, no matter who is around
  24. Remembering little things about them
  25. Making sure they had proper breakfast
  26. Brewing them coffee when they need it but don’t ask for it
  27. Helping them through problems
  28. Surprising them with little things
  29. Supporting their hobbies at all cost
  30. Leaving them random love notes
  31. Singing with them
  32. Watching their favorite movie again and again even if you don’t like it
  33. Letting them decide what to pick for dinner
  34. Teasing them sarcastically
  35. Being gentle with them
  36. Making sacrifices
  37. Appreciating the little things they do for you
  38. Opening the car door for them
  39. Making them feel special
  40. Surprising them with something they’ve been asking for a long time
  41. Dancing with them
  42. Letting them hold you by your waist
  43. Showing positive attitude towards their decisions
  44. Speaking kindly to them
  45. Showing optimism in hard times
  46. Being patient
  47. Being generous
  48. Spending money on them like you spend on yourself
  49. Kissing on forehead
  50. Holding hands in car
  51. Laughing with them when they find something really funny
  52. Cuddling with them on the couch
  53. Believing in them
  54. Laughing at their jokes
  55. Comforting them
  56. Pulling their chair for them
  57. Inspiring them to dream bigger
  58. Not taking them for granted
  59. Loving them at their best
  60. Loving them at their worst
  61. Getting close to their mom in order to know them better
  62. Keeping a reputation with their dad
  63. Willing to take risks for them
  64. Letting them have the last slice of pizza
  65. Being faithful to them
  66. Keeping their secrets safe
  67. Playing video games with them
  68. Losing on purpose to make them happy
  69. Making them feel safe
  70. Assuring them by actions that you will always be there
  71. Wanting to hear their voice first of all when you wake up
  72. Waking up early to wake them up for work or something important
  73. Reminding them to take wallet and car keys every morning
  74. Looking after their wardrobe secretly
  75. Giving them their privacy
  76. Sharing your charger when they forget theirs
  77. Letting them have the bigger side of a blanket
  78. Cuddling with them in bed
  79. Staring at them with a smile on your face
  80. Letting them have the bigger pancake

Talk to me:

Have you ever done these things for someone? Do you have other ideas to express your love for someone you love, write them in the comments below.

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