9 Men Reveal The Specific Things Their Women Do That Make Them Wife-Material

Learn about the stories of how these 9 men knew that they were with a woman they could envision marrying.


1. She doesn’t really do too many extraordinary things; but she does the ordinary things extraordinarily well. – Jason, 35

It’s really all about the little things. She just always does them so well. Even the simplest things like just listening to me nag and rant about having a bad day; it’s something simple but it really means so much to me whenever she does that. She does the chores whenever she knows that I’ve been too tired from work. She packs me my lunches because she knows I always forget to eat. She cracks a joke whenever I’m in a bad mood just to put a smile on my face. They may not seem like grand and complicated things. They’re little things – that when accumulated over time, can make a really big difference in a relationship.

2. She really doesn’t hesitate to take the initiative in the relationship. – Jacob, 29

She never just leaves everything to me. We take turns and that’s what I really love about her. She plans dates sometimes. She plans trips and getaways. She knows that she can take the lead in the relationship and she doesn’t shy away from that responsibility.

3. She consistently expresses her affection for me no matter how long we’ve been together. – Thomas, 39

She is always telling me just how much she loves me. Even if we’ve been together for the longest time, not a day goes by that she doesn’t let me know how she feels about me. She never acts coy. She never plays it cool. She loves me and she isn’t afraid to show it. And I love that she’s proud of how she feels about me.

4. She is always finding ways to freshen up the relationship. – Marvin, 26

She isn’t the kind of girl who is merely content with a routine. She’s also very much invested in trying to find ways to keep the fire of the relationship alive. She us always up for trying new things and partaking in new experiences together with me.

5. She never fails to make me feel like she values and appreciates me and what I do for her. – Anton, 29

I like to work for my girls’ love. I like to put in the effort for my relationship. I like to make sure that she knows that I’m always willing o get my hands dirty for her. But I love that she always lets me know that she’s appreciative of my efforts. It’s nice to know that I have a girl who makes me feel valued. I love having a girl who doesn’t take me or what I do for her for granted.

6. She always knows what to say; and more importantly, she always knows when it’s best to say nothing. – Robert, 24

There is something so endearing about being with a girl who knows the right thing to say at the right moment. But there is even greater value in a girl who knows when it’s just time to keep quiet. Sometimes, I don’t need advice. Sometimes, I don’t need words of encouragement. All I need in that moment is a hug and her company. And she totally understands that.

7. She owns up to her mistakes and shortcomings in the relationship. – Oliver, 27

I think that there is always great value in a girl who is humble enough to acknowledge whenever she screws up. It would be so hard having to marry a girl who just doesn’t own up to her shortcomings. It shows a reluctance to learn and adapt. A girl who is willing to admit when she’s wrong is a girl who shows a willingness to grow and learn. She is definitely a keeper if she isn’t too proud to apologize for her mistakes.

8. She makes me feel like she always has my back no matter what. – Emilio, 26

She always gives me a sense of security. She’s like a human manifestation of a safety net. She is there for me. She is always making sure that I know that she has my back. I know that I can take risks because she’s going to help pick me up if I fail. I know that I shouldn’t be too afraid of life because I have a girl who is always willing to go the extra mile to help me get through my worries.

9. She always knows how to take care of me; and I know she is going to be great with kids. – John, 22

She is a genuinely caring person and that’s how I know she’s going to make a great wife. She really makes it a point to take care of me. She is always there for me. She really looks out for me. And I know that she’s going to make a great mother to our future children. She has that kind of personality.

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