Mom Slammed for Allowing her 9-Year-Old Daughter to Get Nose Pierced

A mother sparked furious debate after she allowed her nine-year-old daughter to get her nose pierced and was slammed for defending her decision on social media.

Meagan Black is a 28-year-old mom of three children from Illinois who let her nine-year-old daughter, Bella, get a nose piercing, showed her sporting a gold hoop in a TikTok video. The video received backlash from other users, especially parents, and Meagan was labeled as a ‘bad mom.’

In the follow-up videos, Black, 28, defended her decision to allow her daughter to get a nose piercing and said this is her child’s way of expressing herself, and she won’t stop her.

She also explained that her daughter doesn’t like ear piercings and wanted to get a nose piercing instead, adding that many of her friends have pierced their ears, so her daughter also wanted to get one of her choice.

The clip received over 23 million views on TikTok, and viewers slammed Meagan in the comment section for

“But why is it just ‘so cute’ when a two-year-old is wearing a crop top but y’all flip over a nose ring?” Meagan wrote under the clip where she defended her decision and asked people to chill.

However, the majority wasn’t convinced by her logic and branded her as a bad and irresponsible mother who didn’t tell her daughter that she was too young to get a nose piercing.

“You’re a bad mum for letting your nine-year-old have a nose piercing,” one wrote.

“Personally I think nine is way to young, I’d let them get it in middle school but you do you!!” a second said.

“I got a nose piercing myself but nine is a bit too early because the nose hasn’t fully grown yet,” a third added.

“Nine really is a bit young. I think the youngest I’d let my child do this would be 13/14,” a fourth user commented.

Amid the criticism, a few users came to the mother’s defense and said she knows better what’s good for her children and there is no harm in getting a nose piercing regardless of age.

“I don’t think she’s a bad mom who cares she can do what she wants with her daughter it’s not our business,” someone wrote.

“I think it’s literally so cute. It’s like self-expression, you guys need to calm down and let her do her thing. No need to criticize,” said another.

“I love the nose ring she looks so cute,” said someone else.

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Source: TikTok

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