Mother Evicts Daughter and Her 6 Children Upon Learning of Another Pregnancy

A mom shared that she asked her daughter, who has six kids and lives without paying rent at her place, to leave when she found out the daughter is expecting another baby on Christmas Eve. The mom, known as Miserable-Day-8244 on Reddit, wondered if she did the right thing and asked if she’s the one being mean.

Here’s the situation: The daughter is 27, has six kids (all under a year old), with three different dads. One of the dads is her fiancé, who also lives with them. The mom lets them stay rent-free so they can save money to buy a home, but she’s not sure they’re really saving. The daughter works part-time, and the fiancé is a full-time chef. Even though they don’t pay rent, the daughter still asks for money to cover her phone bill. They’ve been living with the mom for a year and a half because they were kicked out of their previous home.

In their current living situation, the kids share two bedrooms upstairs, and the mom helps out with raising them. The mom feels things are still crowded with six kids around.

“I have put up with loud voices throughout all hours, and waking up at different hours to cater to children, because I love my grandchildren. I never complained to my daughter because I believe family is very important. It’s just that my children are all grown up, my youngest moved out 4 years ago and my husband and I had hopes to remodel. We didn’t expect them to be living here this long,” she wrote.

On Christmas Eve, when the family was together, the daughter shared that she was expecting her seventh baby. The mother confessed that she wasn’t pleased about the announcement.

“That would mean another child in our house with not much room. I looked over at my husband and could tell he felt the same, we discussed later and decided we were going to have to ask them to move out,” she explained.

A few days after the Christmas gathering, during dinner, the mother informed the daughter and her fiancé that they had two months to find a new place. She explained that she couldn’t accommodate another child in her home.

“My daughter started crying, saying she couldn’t believe I’d throw her to the streets for having a baby, that this was completely unfair and not enough time. I told her I was sorry, it was painful for me as well, but these living conditioners were impossible.”

The daughter requested ‘more time,’ threatening to involve the courts if her request wasn’t granted. The mother responded by informing her that the courts only allow 30 days. The daughter then accused the mother of being selfish, stating that her grandchildren would be homeless due to her actions.

The daughter took to Facebook to look for available rooms for rent, expressing that she’s pregnant and has nowhere to go, feeling like her family doesn’t care about her. Feeling desperate, the mother turned to Reddit, asking if she’s the one at fault (AITA).

Her Reddit post received over 11,000 votes and 1,000 comments. In response to a comment, she elaborated on her situation, saying, “I had tried setting boundaries and constantly asking my daughter when they were planning on moving after their youngest was born [and] if they were going to get their own place.”

“They really needed more room, which my daughter had said, “Yes” [and said] they were looking multiple times and even went to a few open houses. Then my daughter said they were unable and she was on maternity leave which eventually turned into her quitting,” she continued.

“She just got this job a few months ago [that] she got by my husband pressuring her to work because they were hassling us for money. My issue is I’ve always been too nice.”

The majority of Reddit users supported the mother, saying she was NTA.

“Your daughter and her boyfriend need to grow up and maybe this will be a life lesson to them,” said one.

“NTA. Your daughter has been having babies since she was 16 years old. If she hasn’t figured out how not to get pregnant by now, she never will,” a second wrote. 

“Anyone who tells a relative who lets their family live rent-free in their home [that] they’d take them to court after they are asked to move out, never intended for it to be a temporary arrangement.”

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