Mother of Seven & Grandmother of Seventeen is Ready to Welcome a New Baby with Her 24-year-old Husband

Credits: @kingqurannewpage on TikTok

A Grandmother to seventeen children has recently revealed that she is ready to welcome her new baby with her partner, who’s 37 years younger than her.

61-year-old Cheryl married her 24-year-old boyfriend, Quran McCain, in September 2021 after dating him for almost a year.

The two first met in Rome in 2012 when Quran was only fifteen. He was working for Cheryl’s son Chris at that time. Nothing happened back then, but when they met again in November 2020, McCain asked her out, and the two started dating.

Last year In July 2021, McCain streamed her proposal online at his TikTok account with the username @kingqurannewpage. His live stream went viral, gaining 2.2 million followers on the platform.

Later, in September, he also live-streamed his wedding with Cheryl, which took place at a riverside in Tennessee. More than 20,000 virtually attended their wedding.

Only two close friends attended their wedding in person. Now the couple plans to have a grand get-together with friends and family, where they will retake their vows.

While speaking to The Mirror, Cheryl said that her family had utterly supported her decision to get married to Quran, and her grandchildren really like him and call him ‘pawpaw.’

The newly married granny told the outlet that her husband is fond of children and now they want to have their own baby.

“He’s always wanted children, and I want to be the mother to his child.”

She also added, “Of course, because of my age, we’ll have to get a surrogate or adopt, which we’re looking into.”

She has seven children and seventeen grandchildren, and all of them are supporting her in life decisions. She said she sat down with her family and discussed her wish to have a baby with McCain, and they all encouraged her.

Cheryl said that her children fall into the age group of 29 to 40, and they will help her raise the baby.

“People say I’m selfish and too old to be a mum now, but I don’t worry about not being here to look after the child,” Cheryl said.

When asked about the trolls, McCain said that he doesn’t care what people think about them as long as they are happy; nothing else matters

“She is my wife. Till death do us part, we ain’t going nowhere. She is my forever.” he said.

Speaking to News24, the 61-year-old said that despite all the bullying and criticism, her relationship with McCain grows stronger with every passing day. 

“We are so in sync, it’s like I feel what he feels and vice versa, he is my soul mate, he genuinely makes me happy, and I make him happy. He is in tune with his emotions, which makes us so much closer, and it’s what I love most about him. I said yes [to his proposal] because I felt it in my heart that there was an unbreakable connection.” 


The Mirror


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