NFL Superstar Patrick Mahomes & His Fiancée Brittany Matthews – High School Sweethearts

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Patrick Mahomes, 26-years-old, is an NFL superstar and quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. The athlete has amassed an illustrious and victorious career at such a young age. At Super Bowl LIV, he helped his team score a massive victory against the San Fransisco 49ers.

An Inspirational Love Story

Today’s inspirational love story is about the love of his life, someone he’s been with since high school and before the fame – Brittany Matthews. Brittany is a former athlete who now owns a successful fitness company – Brittany Lynne Fitness.

The couple has been unbreakable and strong since high school, before the fame, and before the success – they’ve always been on each other’s side. The duo is called Kansas City’s Favorite Couple, and rightfully so.

Through Thick & Thin

While speaking to Life & Style, Brittany talked about her fiancée and how they complement each other’s lives:

“Patrick works his a** off and is at the facility from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day,”

“There’s no excuse for me to be sitting on my butt at home doing nothing or not making a difference in this world or not being successful. I feel like we’re a team.”

The fitness expert also spoke about all of the negativity and hate that comes from being with an NFL superstar – when all of the ladies have their eyes on your man and are jealous of you.

“Me being a normal girl and living a normal life with this NFL star, most people stereotype an NFL star should not be with this normal girl,”

She continued on how supportive Patrick has been with the love of his life throughout her own success:

“Ever since my platform has grown, you know, the hate has continued to grow, as well. I will say Patrick has been a huge help in this aspect.”

Becoming a Family

In 2021, the power couple welcomed their first baby – Sterling Skye Mahomes. The pair plan on tying the knot in 2022.

Brittany announced the big news on her Instagram, saying:

“2022, the year I get to marry you✨😍”

From being high school sweethearts to a family, Patrick & Brittany have an incredibly motivating love story – nothing can stop you from succeeding in life if two people share true love with each other.

More power and success to this inspirational couple!


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