Parenting Style Check: Are You Too Strict? Signs of Being an Overly Strict Parent

Ever thought if you’re a bit too strict with your kid? Going too far with strictness can actually hurt your child in the long run.

Being overly strict as a parent can often do more harm than good. Sometimes, parents might not even realize they’re being strict. Knowing the signs of strict parenting can help you change your ways. When you’re a really strict parent, you make all the decisions for your child, and they follow the rules, whether they like it or not. On the other hand, being too lenient might lead to them not following any rules at all. But is the old-fashioned strict style of parenting still the best?

The best way is to find a balance between being super strict and too relaxed.

What is Strict Parenting?

Strict parenting means sticking to strict rules and limits for your child’s actions, choices, and daily routine. This often comes with big expectations and harsh punishments if the child doesn’t meet the standards. Parents might not listen to their kids’ worries because they’re worried about them not succeeding.

But remember, the idea of “strict” changes depending on who you ask. Other parents who do things the same way might not think you’re strict, but some might see it differently.

Sometimes, you might not realize that you’re being overly strict while trying to make your child behave and stay safe. Keep an eye out for these signs that you might be a strict parent:

1. You Have a Zero-Tolerance Policy

Rules are important, but remember, sometimes there are special situations where the rules might not work exactly. Instead of always being really strict, try to understand your child’s actions depending on what’s happening around them.

2. Your Child Lies a Lot

Kids might not always tell the whole truth, and that’s okay sometimes. But being super strict can make them really good at lying. If you’re too tough, your child might start lying to stay out of trouble.

3. Your Child Has More Restrictions Than Other Kids

It’s okay if your rules are different from other parents. But if you’re always the strictest one around, it might mean your expectations are a bit too much.

4. You Have a Long List of Rules

Having rules is good, but having too many can be not so great. Make your rules simple and only have the really important ones that you want your child to follow.

5. You Nag a Lot

Constantly reminding your child about everything stops them from learning how to take charge of their actions. If you keep telling them when to do homework or practice the piano, they won’t figure out how to do these things by themselves.

6. You Don’t Let Kids Do Things Their Way

Some strict parents want kids to do things exactly their way. Like making the bed or playing with toys just how they say. It’s okay for kids to learn from adults, but it’s also good to let them be creative and do things their own way sometimes.

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