Plus-Size Passenger Refuses to Give Paid Extra Seat to a Toddler, Divides Social Media

A recent event during a long flight has led to a discussion about what passengers are allowed to do and what is polite. People are talking about a situation where a larger woman was criticized because she didn’t want to give up the extra seat she paid for to a small child.

The woman, who is 34 years old, had originally booked two seats because she had felt uncomfortable before when trying to fit into just one seat because of her size. Things changed unexpectedly when a young mom asked her to “fit into one seat” so her son could use the other.

On a Reddit post, the woman openly admitted her weight, expressing, “I am overweight. I’m actively working to lose weight, and I’ve made progress – but I booked an additional seat because I’m fat.”

“[The mother] made a big fuss over it, and she told the flight attendant I was stealing the seat from her son. Then I showed her my boarding passes, proving that I paid for the extra seat. The flight attendant asked me if I could try to squeeze in, but I said no, that I wanted the extra seat I paid for,” she added.

The woman asserts that the toddler, at only 18 months old, wasn’t required to occupy a separate seat and could have instead sat on his mother’s lap during the entire flight. She mentioned, “The mom was hoping for some relief from a restless toddler.”

Passengers aboard the flight observed the tension, noting that the woman appeared to be receiving “disapproving looks” and enduring “subtle, unfriendly comments” throughout the journey.

She then questioned the Reddit community, stating, “I do feel a little bad because the boy looked hard to control – but am I in the wrong?”

Reactions to the incident varied. Some passengers criticized the mother and the flight attendant for their actions, pointing out the lack of planning and entitlement, while others blamed the larger passenger for causing discomfort to fellow travelers.

“If you are so fat that you have to have more than one seat on an airplane, then you are selfish. Flights overbook all the time, especially during the holidays – how can you justify having two seats to yourself?” said one critic.

On the flip side, those backing the woman’s choice questioned the logic behind reserving an additional seat if passengers are supposed to give it up. They contended that individuals should not be compelled to surrender seats they have already paid for.

“The mom is an a**hole for not buying a seat for her son and assuming someone else would give up a seat they paid for,” someone commented. “Odds are she was hoping there’d be extra seats on the flight so she didn’t have to pay and used the lap thing as a loophole.”

“People buy entire seats for high-end musical equipment. Not even people. Their lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on your part,” added another.

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Source: Reddit

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