23 Married People Speak About Finding Things Out About their Partners After Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful yet challenging experience for most couples. When two people become a part of one another, it can lead to happiness, OR it could lead to the exact opposite.

Many marriages become healthy and blossom into exemplary stories, while a lot of marriages break apart after a few years. It’s based on how two people learn to live with each other and how much they’re willing to compromise for one another.

Today’s multiple Reddit stories about marriage come from AskReddit – one of Reddit’s biggest subreddits where people have discussions about anything and everything.

Reddit user dDeoxyribo posted a question about marriage on Reddit about seven years ago. It gained over 16.3k comments from married people all over the world. They asked the community about what they found out about their significant others AFTER getting married. Most of these stories are harmless and hilarious, while some are sad and tragic.

The Stories

1. SeldonsHari wrote:

“I didn’t realize until after we lived together that she can’t keep the bathroom floor dry.

“When she showers, I feel as though half of the time she points the shower head at the ground outside the shower.

“When she gets out, I imagine her shaking her body off in canine fashion.

“If she washes her face at the sink, I visualize her saying “one handful of water for me, one handful for you” (to the floor)”

2. Pb_Foot shared:

“That she had been married 6 other times. (yes, that’s a six). She said, “Only two counted because they lasted more than a year”. I thought I was denied some critical need to know information.”

3. Dog-boy said:

“When I was about 20 and my parents had been married for 29 years my Mom said she was going to make squash with supper. My dad’s response was to say “No thank you. I never want squash again.” My mom was all WTF. My dad’s response was that he had eaten it because a) she liked it and b) if you want your kids not to be picky eaters you suck it up and eat whatever is served. We were all astounded.”

4. asleepawhile said:

“I met my husband online–okcupid. I found out right before we got married, after dating for 5 years and living together for 3, that the picture of him posted on the site was staged–a profile of him using a camera timer in his room alone while holding a beer and talking to no one.

I don’t know which cracks me up more that I couldn’t tell or that he kept the secret for so long.”

“After being married for almost 4 years I learned my wife can play guitar, like incredibly well. She saw an acoustic at the flea market 2 weeks ago and she just picked it up and started playing. My jaw f*cking dropped. I bought it for her and now she is teaching me how to play. :)”

6. Lavamancer told his hilarious story:

“I confess I didn’t tell my wife that I had a magic the gathering collection worth thousands of dollars until after we were married.”

7. idip shared their parent’s story:

“My mom told my dad that she’s a few months younger than him. Six months into the marriage, my dad finds out that she’s three years older. 25 years later he still brings up how he was lied to.”

8. jessicalinn finds out her husband is multilingual:

“We have been together 15 years and married for 7, we are watching tv the other day and someone starts speaking German and there are no subtitles – he translates it, like it’s no big thing. I’m like who ARE you? Apparently he’s watched so many war movies he speaks conversational German.”

10. LeenaNOLA shared a sweet story of their parents:

“This is actually my parents’ story, but they don’t have Reddit, so it’s mine now!

“My dad loved grilled cheese sandwiches growing up. It was the one thing that his mom could cook when she was sick (cancer), and he always associates it with happy memories.

“My parents get married, my mom continues the whole “making grilled cheese because it makes him happy” deal, complete with a slice of tomato, because my grandfather (his father) grew tomatoes and she thought it was an extra bit of love.

“My parents have been married almost forty years, and my dad finally told her last year that he hates tomatoes.

“He had been eating the sandwiches with tomatoes the entire time because he thought it was a part of her childhood, and wanted to make her happy. They laughed for ten minutes, the tears streaming, not able to talk laughing.

“My parents are polar opposites (can’t even talk to each other during election time), but stuff like this reminds me how nice love can be.”

11. Mrsfitt talked about her husband’s fears:

“I found out he hates big events, and thrives on things being normal and calm. But our whole life was a building of big events; graduation, first place, getting engaged, planning our wedding, graduating from college. I thought he was just going to be crazy anxious his whole life, he just hated planning big events.”

12. tayloreep said:

“That my husband did not know the Northern and Southern Hemispheres experienced opposite seasons.

“I love him. I do not want to our children to be in the same school district he was.”

13. HomemadeJambalaya‘s husband can juggle:

“I have been married for almost 8 years, and we dated for 7 years before that.

“Literally found out last month that my husband can juggle. Like, he can legitimately juggle 3 balls. My jaw hit the floor.”

14. 10colasaday talks about his wife:

“That my wife eats pancakes from the center out.”

15. joecooool418‘s story is sadly not a happy one:

“That she was about 75k in debt.

“Had I known, I would never have married her. She could not control her spending. After I paid it off, I discovered she had taken out another credit card and run that one up another 15k.

“We are no longer married.”

16. andrewsfamily tells a story for his wife:

“I’ll give you one from my wife (who doesn’t have an account). She didn’t realize just how much I love talking to her.

“We have been married almost 9 years, and it was just six months ago that she was home sick and I had a day off from school & work (very rare) and she hears my phone alarm go off…

“she was like, WTF is that going off for?

“Me, looking sheepish…it means you’re off work and I can call you in about 5 minutes.

“She thought it was adorable and told everyone in her office the next day :-\”

17. KosherHam shares how he had to end his marriage:

“I’m probably late to this party- but I used to be married. That’s no longer the case, so it goes.

“Anyways, I was getting dinosaur stuff for our boy, and his mother said something along the lines of “I don’t like dinosaurs and am happy they are not real.”

“I chuckled, thinking she meant she is relieved her life is not like Jurassic Park, being chased by these giant predators. Nope. Turned out she believes dinosaurs never walked this earth. I had known her for 6 solid years, and this completely blew me away, side swiping me with horror….

“She thinks people are guessing when the put partial bones together, and just fabricate these creatures…

“I’m still affected by this- even years later. When I go on dates, there is a litmus test now. I ask what her stance stance is on dinosaurs every first date. Not making that mistake again.”

18. aenid shared a tragic story:

“He used me for citizenship. Meant to do it the whole time. Planned the divorce too. “Took care of everything” himself. He’s got a perfect job and send money home regularly, while cheating on girls upon girls. I gave him that opportunity.”

19. brokencrayons shared her husband’s hobby:

“He told me he had collected wrestling characters when he was young, his mom had a box of them in her attic. It wasn’t until we moved 4 states away that I realized after the truck was packed that it was more like 20 boxes of wrestling men. And they aren’t dolls…I’ve been corrected.”

20. YakCat talked about her talented husband:

“That he knew how to ballroom dance and took a cake decorating course for an art credit.

“I learned it the same night. I couldn’t decorate cupcakes and he took over. Later at the event, he grabbed me and waltzed perfectly.

“Can’t wait for the next few years.”

21. MOISTY_OYSTER shared a sad story:

“That I would never be able to have a kitten.

“I’ve always wanted one and I will never have one as long as I am married.

“Lesson learned – Always ask the important questions before the proposal people.”

22. Chuchubear shared a different story about her marriage:

“Well, he just called me on the phone a few weeks ago to tell me he’s dating another man. So that’s something new.”

23. _pirate_lawyer‘s husband can dance:

“My husband claimed he couldn’t dance, refused to dance…just wouldn’t do it for whatever reason. He PLAYED me. I guess he thought it was too funny to have me keep believing that he had no rhythm. Dude ROCKED OUT at our reception. He had all the moves and danced with everyone. I guess we weren’t really ever at an event where he could really get down, but I think my jaw dropped when I saw him out on the dance floor.

“stupid, but it’s funny to me.”

You can read more of these comments on Reddit here.


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  1. That he lied about having had cancer twice before we got together and still kept it up when we did end up together and he never had his own property, it was never rented out because it never existed. That he doesn’t like my son now he’s older and has no idea what ASD/ Autism Spectrum disorder is my son has it and now he’s 18 this guy thinks it magically disappears.
    That he owed thousands to someone, I found out via a text that popped up, that he has never paid for anything ever with me or anyone always had an excuse. I could fill this page by myself there’s so much more.

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