Relationship Experts Reveal The 6 Definitive Signs That You’re Dating A Probable Cheater

Are you dating a probable cheater?

Do you find yourself constantly snooping around your boyfriend’s personal belongings looking for clues about his infidelity? Are you consistently browsing through his phone’s messages and call logs in an effort to find evidence of his unfaithfulness? How did it get to become like this? What has made you this way? Why is it so hard for you to trust the person that you’re with somehow? Well, there are two possible reasons for this. For one, perhaps you might be a little crazy and paranoid.

And if that’s the case, you’re definitely the problem in this scenario and you need to make a change. Or maybe your intuition has just been telling you that something is up; your instincts are telling you that you need to be worried about something because your subconscious has picked up on some really bad signs that your partner has really been cheating on you.

First things off, it’s important to note that in a healthy relationship, it’s never okay to be going through your partner’s personal belongings. That is a direct violation of their privacy and it is a real betrayal of the trust that they give you. However, does this argument still hold weight if there is very little trust in your relationship to begin with? You have to know that you don’t have to resort to such blatant violations of privacy to find out if your partner is really cheating on you.

You don’t have to go down that road. You can be a perfectly good detective by resorting to some less invasive and more constructive means. A person who isn’t being completely honest with you is going to be a person who will be very reluctant to open up to you about anything of depth and substance. These are the types of relationships where you find yourself being someone who knows so little of your partner even when they practically know everything about you.

Every relationship should eventually get to a point where the two people involved should be comfortable enough to talk to one another about absolutely anything. And if you find that they constantly deny you access into their life despite your best efforts and intentions, then perhaps it’s because they really do have something to hide and you should be worried.

If you feel yourself being on the outside looking in with your partner’s life, then maybe it’s important for you to just take a step back from your relationship for a while. Relationship specialists have revealed that you always need to be able to assess the bigger picture every so often in your relationship. You can get so lost in the littlest details sometimes that you fail to see the bigger picture unfolding in front of you. And so it’s important for you to maintain a healthy perspective on things just s you know that everything is going alright in your relationship.

So take a deep breath and take a long hard look at your relationship. And be sure to stay vigilant for these signs. Relationship experts say that if you notice that your partner is guilty of a lot of the things that are listed on here, then it’s highly likely that they are cheaters; and you really need to do something about your relationship.

1. They don’t let you into their inner circle.

They don’t really let you into their lives. They don’t make you feel like you’re welcome. They are always making you feel like they’re hiding something from you; something very important about themselves.

2. There are no traces of you on their social media.

The truth is that they don’t want the world to know that they’re in a relationship at all. They don’t want to take themselves off the market. They want to maintain their image of availability.

3. They always make sure to only respond to text messages or answer phone calls when you’re not around.

They always walk out of a room before they answer a phone call or respond to a text message. Why is that so?

4. They make it hard for you to contact them whenever you’re not together.

They are always off the grid. They don’t want you to catch them in the act. They don’t want you to know what they’re doing on their spare time. They know that it would disappoint you to know what they do when you’re not around.

5. They change the topic whenever you bring up loyalty and exclusivity.

They don’t want to talk about exclusivity because they know that it isn’t their thing. The very idea of monogamy will make them uncomfortable and they don’t want to reveal that fact about themselves to you.

6. They don’t really make future plans with you.

They don’t make future plans with you because they don’t really envision having a future with you at all. They see you as someone temporary in their lives. They just want to have their fun with you until they get tired of you; and then they will find someone to replace you with.

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