The Strongest Girls Are Those Who Give Second Chances

And still she chose to love you. She still chooses to love you. 

There should be no doubt in the world that she is still madly, deeply in love with you. She is just as in love with you now as she was on the first day. You know that she’s a strong and independent woman who can stand on her own two feet. You know that she would have no trouble landing other quality guys maybe even guys who are better than you. And yet here you both are, standing at a crossroads, and she’s still willing to give you a second chance. She’s ready to take another risk with you even though things didn’t turn out so well for her the first time.

You shouldn’t be so quick to think that she’s getting weaker just because she’s choosing to give you a second chance. You shouldn’t assume that she needs you to be in her life. You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that you can get away with whatever you want in this relationship because you assume that she’s going to keep forgiving you over and over again. She’s not growing lenient or weak. She is just a little more patient and understanding. And it takes a great deal of strength to have both of those things. 

You hurt her a million times over. You came up short consistently in the relationship. You were never good enough for her, and there is a chance that you never will be. You had your fair share of fights. You disagreed on a lot of things. You couldn’t handle just how strong she was as a person and you felt like you had to put her in her place a few times. You didn’t understand that her place was something you could never reach and you were always grabbing at stars. 

And still she chose to love you. She still chooses to love you. 

She still chose to love you even though you fought with her a lot. She still chose to love you even though you always failed to reciprocate her love. She still held on to her love even when you abused and hurt her multiple times. She didn’t hold on for so long because she didn’t think she would survive without you. She held on for so long because she knew she had enough strength to carry the relationship on behalf of the both of you. – Continue reading on the next page

You can’t even count the times you threatened to end things with her even though deep down inside, you knew she would never take your threats seriously. Deep down inside, you knew that she would be perfectly fine without you and that scared you. It terrified you to know that she would just get fed up of you and choose to go on and live a happier life without you. You’re lucky that she didn’t. You’re lucky that she had the strength and courage to say that you’re still not a hopeless case. She still sees potential in you and in the relationship that you have. She isn’t known to be the type of person who gives up easily. She has the kind of strength that is built to endure. When things get rough, she’s the one who is always left standing at the end. That’s why whatever trials you might have shared together never ended up fazing her. She was always confident in her abilities to bear the weight of your love. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean that she’s unbreakable. You broke her. A thousand times over, in fact. But she kept putting herself back together. She fell down a few times, but she always found a way to get right back up. There were times where she started questioning herself. She has had her share of doubts about you and the relationship as well. There were moments when weakness would rear its ugly head in her life but she always managed to tune it out. She still believed in the strength of her love, and she relied in the intensity of her beliefs.

Forgiveness takes a great deal of strength. Many weak people in the world are incapable of forgiving. They are those people who are willing to give up on relationships just as soon as the slightest tragedies happen. Weak people isolate themselves from others and they are those who carry vengeful hearts with them. But she’s not like that. No matter how hard you try to break her, she is going to come back stronger. Sure. Everyone has their limits. And you should be so lucky to know that she hasn’t reached her limit with you yet. She’s still willing to give you another chance. She’s willing to give you the opportunity to make or break the relationship. She is ready to place her broken heart back into the hands of the person who broke it in the first place. And if you don’t see that as strength, then you really don’t deserve her. 

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