This Is The Reason Strong Girls Still Feel A Sense Of Brokenness

She is a poster girl for what it means to be strong.

She is as tough as nails. She has the strength and the courage to face life’s toughest challenges. She has the resilience to weather even the most frightening storms. She has faced it all and she has come out alive. She is a survivor. She has had to endure heartbreak at the hands of guys who weren’t deserving of her love in the first place. She has had to burn bridges with close friends in the past. She has had to bear the struggles of being in a dysfunctional family before. She came out okay.

Whenever she feels pain on the inside, you would never be able to tell. She is going to put on a brave face and act like nothing affects her. She’s going to make it seem like nothing can move her or put her down. She is going to make it seem like her heart is invincible. She’s going to make everyone believe that she’s invulnerable and it’s going to take a lot to bring her down.

She is a poster girl for what it means to be strong. But the truth is that on the inside, she doesn’t feel as strong as she looks. The truth is that she feels like people put her up on a pedestal even though she doesn’t deserve to be there. She looks like she’s invincible but the truth is that she feels as fragile as a porcelain doll.

People only see the side of her that she allows them to see and that’s why everyone only tends to see her strength and bravery. They only see the dominant side of her; the part of her personality that can move mountains. They see the face of a lioness who is capable of performing great feats of strength. They see everything that she wants them to see but they don’t know that there is a side of her that she is really good at hiding from everyone else. They see her walking on the streets in broad daylight. She puts on her bravest face and that’s all the people see. But they don’t see her alone in her bedroom apartment at night; crying herself to sleep because she feels like all the pressure of the world is getting to her. They don’t see her questioning herself or her abilities to withstand the storm. They don’t see her on the verge of a nervous breakdown. They never see her like that because she doesn’t allow anyone to see her in that state.

The truth is that she’s just like the rest of us. She just does a much better job at hiding her weaknesses than we do. Whenever she feels like the tears are about to fall, she musters up all the strength that she has to keep her eyes dry until she can excuse herself into seclusion. She would never allow herself to cry in front of anyone else because she sees that as a sign of weakness. Whenever she’s feeling emotionally vulnerable or irritable, she is going to make up some excuse to get out of spending the night with her friends. She doesn’t want them to see that she lets things get on her nerves. She doesn’t want them to know that she’s just like them after all. Whenever she has to deal with an overwhelming problem, she is never one who would ask for help or advice from anyone else. She is always going to make it a point to deal with her troubles on her own. Her own desire to be independent is also the reason why she feels so fragile all the time. She isn’t going to Tweet about her problems. She isn’t going to post a Facebook status about her troubles. She’s going to keep everything to herself and she’s going to try to resolve things on her own.

She doesn’t understand the value of having to drag other people into her own misery. To everyone around her, she is the life of the party. She’s the one who is always bringing joy and happiness to a room. She is the one who exudes positivity and spreads it like wildfire. She’s the one people turn to whenever they get overwhelmed by their problems. People always expect that she has everything in line and that she leads a perfect life.

But the truth is that her life is far from perfect. She is just as scarred and as damaged as the rest of us. She is still prone to being bent and broken. She isn’t immune to pain or disappointment. It’s just that she has mastered the art of acting brave even when there are so many reasons for her not to. She is so good at being strong that people forget to notice the weakling inside of her just screaming for help.

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  1. So very true I have let 3 friends in only because it’s a caregivers situation and they all have gone through it or are going through it I ve learned when we have shared a healing occurs. But they are like me and it is our secret.

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